MY 2016
Create an artwork about what 2016 was for you, in any media.

Prize Winners

Michelle Suh
South Korea

Honorable Mention
sumi ink, dish soap, acrylic paint
18.3” x 14”
“This work pretty much sums up what 2016 has been for me. 2016 was a big year to me, especially because this was my senior year at my high school. To be frank, this year was the worst year of my life. All my relationships began to cripple down, and I had to deal with them while working on my apps and portfolio. I also failed in art, in which I have never failed in before. Dealing with such conflicts and being in the hole of failure made me want to run away from everything. I wanted to depict the feeling of suffocation I experienced under such events through koi pods, which appeared in the conception dream about me. (a dream that fortells birth of a child, usually dreamt by the mother or people close to her)”

Owen Rival

Boldy Go Prize
charcoal, paper, tracing paper
36″ x 24″
“Throughout 2016, I realized that I created a fake self to hide grief and emotion. Through this fake self I kind of forgot who I really was. It was not until the end of 2016 when realized who I was. Which caused me to destroy the fake self. The bottom layer of this piece is a self-portrait of me surrounding the piece is many destroyed portraits of myself that I felt were not me.”

Tatiana Potts

Exquisite Design Prize
Eye to Eye
Relief, silkscreen, and cut and folded paper, cased in book format
9″ x 9″ x .5″ (closed)
“This piece is about celebrating receiving MFA printmaking. This work is an expansion and continuum of my Thesis show titled Tajtania. I am Slovak but has been living in the U.S. For past 15 yrs. I often include architecture and architectural elements to create a new environment. It is my exploration of living in different culture and finding a balance between different worlds. The images are a composite of memories that I want to retain and revisit in my imagination from places that I visited in Europe and the US. And why Tajtania? It is derived from my first name, and its language, while readable by English speakers reflects conventions of Slovak.”

Julie Sharpe

Honorable Mention
(Clara)ly You Didn’t Hear Me the First Time
brush pen & digital
6″ x 12″
“I’m going to use these images for a calendar, so there will eventually be twelve in total. For now, here are the months of January, February, and March. Anyway, 2016 was the year that I met Prof Lieu in person. She taught me so much about art and life in general, and I wanted to share the things I’ve learned from her. (Also, this piece is a warning to future students that Prof Lieu is not as scary as she seems on the first day of class and that she has celebrity crushes just like everyone else)”

Heather Yun

Compelling Narrative Prize
12″ x 8″
“I was inspired to draw “Sinking” when I discovered I had thalassophobia, despite my love for ocean life. The scene is from a dream I had, and I felt that my clashing feelings for the ocean reflected the many experiences and emotions I felt in 2016.”

Mick Hart

Massive Improvement Prize
chalk pastel
12″ x 16″
“My Dad suffered from dementia and died from associated complications this year. At first, changes were slow, but the last few months he rapidly deteriorated. Tried to capture that rapid decline and ultimate death.”

Selected Entries

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  1. Profile photo of Alexander Rowe

    This dare, similar to the “Future Self” dare, really let people get personal in their work – great to see so many people share their thoughts and feelings through their work! It’s really exciting to see everyone push their concepts further, and get some really awesome pieces that tell their story.

  2. Profile photo of Ellie

    Wow! Look at all these incredible and amazing responses! I love how personal they are – the prompts really make the artists dive deep in introspection.

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