-Terrific for drawing details.

-Use an eraser stick with a thin tip, some eraser stick tips are too blunt.

-Refills are available.

-Excellent tool for cross-hatching, especially when combined with a charcoal pencil.

-Best used when a drawing is almost finished

-Use in conjunction with kneaded erasers and white plastic erasers.


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5 responses on "Eraser Stick"

  1. Profile photo of Artstudent_Lisa

    Hello! I’m trying to order this from Dick Blick, but I don’t see it. Does it have a brand name, besides “eraser stick”? Thanks!

    • Profile photo of Clara Lieu

      Hi! I used to buy the Papermate “Tuff Stuff” eraser stick, but I heard really recently that Papermate actually discontinued it! Huge bummer, because that eraser stick was so terrific. I would recommend that you search online for other eraser sticks, as long as you get one that has a thin tip, you will be fine!

  2. Profile photo of Casey Roonan

    This one was, no joke, a total game-changer for me. I use it at nearly every stage of my process; from revising thumbnail sketches to refining line-work to cleaning up my finished drawing… A must-have!

  3. Profile photo of Mia Rozear

    This eraser stick completely changed the game for me– before I learned how to use this tool it was extremely difficult to convey the certain textures and detail that this tool allows. Definitely a must-have for charcoal drawing!

  4. Profile photo of Deepti Menon

    The level of control I discovered an eraser stick could give me vs. a normal eraser was revolutionary! If you’re looking to create some incredible detail, this is your tool!

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