-Very soft and malleable.

-Can be modeled into different shapes.

-Cleans itself by absorbing the drawing media while being stretched out.

-When the kneaded eraser becomes stiff and black, it’s time to get a new one.

-Much better alternative to smudging with your fingers.

-Great for subtle adjustments of tone.

-Provides tension and direction in your marks.

Amy Wang, Jane Gorelik, Ben Sampson, Julie Cho, Joanne Jee Hyun Han


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2 responses on "Kneaded Eraser"

  1. Profile photo of Ro

    It’s a lot less harsh than the white plastic and the stick erasers which is really nice for smoother areas of drawings. I don’t find it to be my favorite for giving texture but it is definitely wonderful for smudging. (probably not a recommended use, but I’ve seen friends just knead them when stressed)

  2. Profile photo of Mia Rozear

    Kneaded erasers totally helped me end my habit of over-smudging my drawings, and made it a lot easier to convey different textures in my work. They can also be torn apart and manipulated to be used for detail work, which is super helpful!!

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