-Excellent tool for sketching in the beginning part of a drawing.

-Very easy to erase and smudge, even just a wipe with your hand can be enough!

-Is very grey, cannot compete with the darkness of compressed charcoal.

-Super flexible and forgiving drawing material.

-Use in conjunction with compressed charcoal.

-Very fragile, drawings are easily damaged.


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3 responses on "Vine Charcoal"

  1. Profile photo of Ro

    An absolute essential for charcoal drawing. I don’t understand why some students complain about toning the paper because it means when sketching the base layer of the composition, mistakes can be simply smudged away. It’s magic. Completely worth it. Also: I only buy the softest available, I have some hard somewhere in my kit and I never reach for it. If I were to buy it again, I would only buy the softest and skip the hard stuff.

    • Profile photo of Clara Lieu

      Yeah, I don’t even know why they bother making hard vine charcoal??? Every time I’ve tried to use the hard vine charcoal it’s so scratchy and inconsistent, to the point that sometimes it scratches up your paper and leaves marks!

  2. Profile photo of Mia Rozear

    This tool is insanely helpful when it comes to building a drawing!! It’s easy to work with and perfect for a “first draft”. I find it super convenient as well, because if I don’t end up liking what I’ve done, I can just smudge it out completely and start over.

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