Athena Vincent
Brewing a Bright Idea

light bulbs, paper clay, acrylic, found objects, doll parts, string, & wire
34″ x 19″ x 19″


Alex Rowe
Teaching Assistant
Illustrator & Children’s Book Artist

“This piece was created in my AP art class, it was a spin-off of my usual 2-D distorted portraits. This sculpture represents the process of creating an idea. The top of the table shows the early stages of an idea. The middle, where light bulbs are hanging and falling, explains the process of weeding out the good parts of an idea, and the parts of an idea that fall short.”

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2 responses on "Athena Vincent"

  1. Profile photo of Clara Lieu

    I am so excited by the quirkiness of this piece, each light bulb really has its own distinctive personality. It’s terrific how daring you are with color and pattern, I think a lot of people might be worried about such garish colors, but for your piece, the color scheme is very appropriate for the characters you’ve created. I’d love to see you alter the table more, I’m not sure what it’s made out of, but it would be so much fun to saw apart that table, reassemble it, and make it much more haphazard. I think the table feels a little too rigid and limited compared to the playfulness of the faces, do it would be great to alter the table more dramatically.

  2. Profile photo of Annie Irwin

    This piece is so intriguing! I love the use of color, it is communicative of a playful and strange mood, I also love that the objects within the sculpture, such as the lightbulb and tea kettle, are recognizable to the viewer, but then become transformed into something new by the artist’s hand, it gives us an entry into your world of characters. Alex’s comment about making this even bigger in scale is a great suggestion, I would love to see what different environments/ sculptures could come out of exploring these characters further. Bravo!

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