Dagmar Kuechler

oil and charcoal
24″ x 16″


Clara Lieu
Art Prof & Partner

“I am a figurative artist who likes to tell stories, finding inspiration in everyday life. Through my paintings, I seek to interpret the emotions and characters of the people who surround me. These emotive portraits are a snapshot of a moment in time, a thought on what it means to be present. The expressionist execution in the faces I paint illustrates the truth: that change is constant, and nothing stays the same. I try to achieve this by experimenting with different materials such as paint, ink, carbon, chalk, graphite, watercolor paper, cardboard, wood, or packing supplies.”

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5 responses on "Dagmar Kuechler"

  1. Profile photo of Dagmar Kuechler

    Thank you for the detailed assessments. I will gladly try to implement the hints and advice. It is always helpful to get a different view of your own work.

  2. Profile photo of Lauryn Welch

    I’m really impressed by the range of mark making and your boldness in using broad and dark brushstrokes on the hair, neck, and shoulders. The portrait is very active and it’s a pleasure for me to read into parts of the image and see exactly how you are using these materials to sculpt the face. That being said, I’m kind of sad that this vibrancy and transparency of your hand doesn’t extend past the face into the white space of the image. I would lovelovelove to see this figure situated in space, even if it’s just simple lighting. Maybe look at Alberto Giacometti who uses similar sculpting techniques with paint, and grapples with similar ideas of change and drawing something that is “true”.

  3. Profile photo of Casey Roonan

    A lovely portrait that’s truly expressive – not only of the personality you’re capturing but also your hand as an artist! Your painting has a lot of complexity in terms of the kinds of marks and brush strokes you’re using, but there’s also a simplicity and a frankness to your approach that’s really appealing. It would be interesting to see what you would do with the figure if you decided to zoom out a bit and show us more of the subject’s body… As I have a feeling you would have a real talent for conveying personality through body language, as well.

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