Dan Landau

papercutting, pen & ink drawing on a paper road map
19″ x 13″


Annie Irwin
Weaver, Painter, Textile Artist

“This is the first in my ‘Fatherhood’ series, an ongoing collection of work reflecting what it is like to be a parent. In this piece, I wanted to capture the feeling of wondrous potential—the whole world is out that window for her to discover and all things are possible.

Working with road maps, I make ink drawings on them and then use a craft knife to carefully cut away the empty spaces around the drawing and the roads. I draw on maps because for me, maps are symbols of connection and exploration. Roads take us places and connect us with others.”

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4 responses on "Dan Landau"

  1. Profile photo of Lauryn Welch

    Your technique is of course amazing! The cleanliness of all of your cut lines and hard edges is very satisfying to look at. Whenever I see a window, I always think about the potential for layering and transparencies. You could try experimenting on frosted Mylar which layers and cuts well, and will take about any medium. I’d also love to see you experiment with different kinds of maps. Maps are symbols of connection, but they’re also stores of information. Similar to Professor Lieu’s point, how could you tie your image to your maps? In what new ways could you integrate them?

  2. Profile photo of Deepti Menon

    What an incredible demonstration of your technical skill with paper cutting! You’re very successful in creating a seamlessness between the actual map and the imagery of the father, child and window. I agree with Casey when he talks about pushing the element of the window further. Right now, I’m craving to see what’s beyond those window panes, even if its just a little hint! The blankness isn’t fully conveying “endless possibilities” for me. What’s another way you can represent the endless possibilities of the future? It’s an exciting area in the piece to continue thinking about! Great work!

  3. Profile photo of Clara Lieu

    Your cutting technique is really incredible, I can’t imagine how tedious and time consuming it must be to create work that looks this seamless! The ink that you’ve painted over the maps is also very effectively integrated into the map, at first glance as a viewer, you really do believe that the image of the father and child really were in the map to begin with. I’d like to see a more prominent visual connection between the choice of the map you’re cutting up and the theme of fatherhood. Right now, the map that has been chosen appears to be random, is there a way to perhaps connect the choice of the map to fatherhood? For example, what if the map represented the distances the child was capable of traveling at that point in their lives? I remember the first day that my oldest child walked around the block for the first time, it was such a big milestone as a parent, and I recall that moment as realizing that her world had just expanded exponentially! Or maybe the map is of an area you frequent with your child? Possibilities are endless! Something to consider for your future pieces.

  4. Profile photo of Casey Roonan

    Very exciting mixed media piece! The compositional element of the window is really compelling, and presents another opportunity to push that layering even further, I think… Your graphic drawing style and the visual language of the map work really well as cut-outs, and I wonder if there’s another element you can incorporate just as seamlessly? It might end up being too much, but you won’t know until you try!

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