Michelle Suh

pastel and graphite on paper
20″ x 15″

South Korea

Alex Rowe
Teaching Assistant
Illustrator & Children’s Book Artist

“Just like the title, this piece was created to remedy myself from the stress I had. When this was created, I was faced with a lot of conflicts with my friends and family. I also had trouble finding meaning in my path as an artist. Though my life was miserable in reality, I depicted myself in a soothing background, wishing that I could really be in such state.”

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3 responses on "Michelle Suh"

  1. Profile photo of Lauryn Welch

    This piece is making me feel relaxed, so you’ve done well achieving that objective! Like Deepti, I’m really drawn to that very subtle patterning of squiggles. I didn’t see it at first at all, but it comes through slowly, murmuring images of flower petals and hearts. In contrast, the image of the face is so stark, and while the expression is restful, the contrast and composition are not. You’re probably looking to convey peacefully lost, not out of place. I would love to see more emphasis on the patterning and variation in tone in some places that could fill out the composition and give the space she’s lost in some more dimension. Perhaps look at some of Vija Celmins‘ work which is rooted in meditation and infinite spaces.

  2. Profile photo of Clara Lieu

    I think the dreamy, relaxed quality of this piece really comes across beautifully. This reminds me of Marc Chagall’s paintings where the people are practically flowing with the wind in the sky. I think it would be exciting to explore the visual potential of the hair more. Right now the emphasis is much more on the face, since it’s more detailed, but I actually think that the hair has a lot more potential in terms of being really expressive. What if you dramatically heightened the volume and quantity of hair, so that it was 4x longer and wider, and almost took over the page? Look at Albrecht Durer’s drawings of hair in his portraits, they are very theatrical and dramatic.

  3. Profile photo of Deepti Menon

    The squiggly lines and textures in the background are so wonderful, I feel like I could stare at them for hours. You also demonstrate great technical skill with the graphite. I wonder what would happen if you brought some of the pinks and purples in the background into the figure’s face, similar to how you’re adding some graphite into the background. I think this may create an even greater harmony between the figure and the space they occupy. Overall, a really amazing job!

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