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2020 Art Prof Graduation Submission Form

Graduating students: we want to feature you during the live Art Prof 2020 Graduation: A Global Exhibition!

All graduating students from around the world in BFA, MFA,  BA or MA in studio art programs are invited to have their artworks + a short video featured in a live stream on Sunday, June 7 starting at 1pm EST on the Art Prof YouTube channel.

The live stream will also feature artists and professors from schools all over the world. See our list of speakers here.  Learn more about Art Prof here.

There is no fee to participate!


To participate, you must be enrolled in a BFA, MFA,  BA or MA in studio art program and be graduating this spring.  If you are graduating with a different degree that you think is still an appropriate fit for this event, please contact us.

We require you to provide an email address from the school you attend when you submit your materials.

We will accept students to be featured on a first come, first serve basis.

We are anticipating this live stream to be several hours long. While that means we will be able to feature many students, spots will fill quickly, so don’t delay your submission!

Please have your required information ready before you submit this form. We recommend writing your statement elsewhere first so that you have a copy of it.

Submissions will be accepted until Monday, May 25 @ 11:59pm EST.

Questions?  Please contact us.

-Prof Lieu


12-20 high res images - OR up to 5 min. of video of your graduating work.
a video of you speaking. If you are extremely camera shy, you can send us an audio instead, although we strongly prefer to have a video. We will handle all the video editing; you only need to send us the raw video of you speaking.
a written statement that includes the same info as your video.

Please watch the video at the top of this page for samples of what we are looking for. Questions?  Contact us.

Video must be shot horizontally.
Limit 2 min.
Record in a quiet room, preferably a small one that has rugs and is full. Avoid recording in a large space that echoes. If there is extra noise we won't be able to use your video. We will contact you to make another video if there is enough time.
Look at the camera when you speak if you can.
Begin by saying your name, degree, major, & school. Example:  "Hi!  I'm Sarah Smith, I'm graduating this year with my MFA in Painting from Boston University."
Next, briefly explain of 1) your creative process/art media/themes you work with, and 2) what you hope to do in the future as an artist.
Speak up, if the audio is too low we won't be able to use your video.
Shoot with good lighting. Natural light is best; shoot outdoors  (make sure it's quiet) or by a window with diffused light. Try to have at least 3/4 of your face lit.
Do not edit your video before you send the to us. We will be editing all the video files, (yes, your "ums" will disappear!) so please do not edit anything, only send us raw video footage.
Do not read verbatim from a written statement. This tends to sound artificial and monotonous. Instead, write short bullet points and make up the exact words on the spot.
Do not add any music tracks to any of your videos. We can get a copyright strike on our YouTube channel if we use music tracks we do not own the rights to!
Speak with enthusiasm! Speaking on video requires more perk than IRL.


1.  Create a folder in Google Drive and name it with your first & last name, BFA or MFA, and your school name. Example:  "Jane Doe, BFA, Pratt Institute"

2. Create a Google Doc in this folder and write your statement in this doc. Do not send us a PDF, .docx, or any other file type for your statement.

3. Upload high res JPG files of 5 artworks -OR- if you work in time based media, a video of up to 5 min. into that folder. For each 2D artwork, submit only 1 JPG file.  For 3D artworks, you may submit 2 JPG files per artwork.

4. Rename each JPG file like this: “Jane Doe_001.jpg.” , “Jane Doe_002.jpg”, “Jane Doe_003.jpg.”

5. Upload the video of yourself speaking to the folder.

6. Rename the video file of yourself like this: "Jane Doe, BFA, Pratt Institute"

6. Right click on your folder, and select "Share." Change the sharing setting to "Anyone on the internet with this link can edit."

7. Right click on your folder, and select “Get Shareable Link.”  Copy the link and paste it below. Questions?  Contact us.


By submitting this form, you are granting us permission to show the content you submit during the live stream on our YouTube channel and our Art Prof 2020 Graduation page here on

Please use the checkbox below to indicate that you have read our Terms and Conditions.

Before clicking "submit," please read below on how to confirm that your submission form was received.

Submission form confirmation
After you click “submit,” this page will refresh. Look for the green bar that says “your post was successfully submitted!” that will appear below the video at the top of the page.  See the image below for what that green bar will look like, the red arrow points at the green bar in this image.

Email Notification
You will receive an email from us to confirm receipt of your materials. Please be patient as we receive many submissions every day from the many programs we run, and we cannot respond as quickly as we would like to. If you do not hear from us within 2 weeks, you can email Prof Lieu.

Submission Form Confirmation

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