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Annelise Yee

Guest Teaching Artist
Jeweler & Designer

Video Transcript

“Hi!  I’m Annelise, and I’m an art student from Hawaii. So there was no one definitive moment where I knew I wanted to be an artist.  I kind of just fell into it, and I think it was in high school where I realized that all of my classes that I was taking, and enjoyed taking were art classes. One in particular was, I did glassblowing, first semester I did glassblowing.  Something about the challenge of forming something beautiful without being able to touch it, just intrigued me and I was hooked from that moment on.

In my work I’ve been trying to incorporate female domestic chores. Such as embroidering and sewing, mending, and patching; things that were expected of women. So right now I am working on embroidering images of my grandmother, and embroidering her ideal features on a screen printed image of her face.

So I don’t actually know where I want my life to go or my art practice for that matter. A secret dream of mine has always been start a fashion company, specifically centered around vintage swimwear. I was really inspired by watching some Elvis Presley movies from the 60’s. I always found the women’s swimsuits to be absolutely beautiful so I wanted to incorporate vintage swimwear in a more modern way.”

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