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Eloise Sherrid

Teaching Artist
Artist & Filmmaker

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Artist Statement
I’m a New York based filmmaker and multi-media artist, working freelance in the film industry and developing my practice as I go.

As a kid, I got excited about art while drawing characters from fantasy computer games and the Lord of the Rings movies. As I got older, I carried my sketchbook nonstop and frequently got into trouble for doodling during class. Attending an art college felt like waking up: I got to devote my time to exploring a world I felt I had only glimpsed before.

Collage plays a big role in my work, even for projects outside the studio. When making a collage, you take images from different sources, drop them into the same piece, and must work to make them fit together. The differences play off one another and create meaning within each other’s context.

The same is true in documentary and narrative filmmaking: you take a pile of unedited footage and have to subtract the excess, finding the relevant pieces to create your story and leaving out the rest. I like to experiment with mixing disciplines and genres, and blending the formal qualities like color and composition associated with those so that they interact in new ways. I’m particularly interested the mechanics of storytelling, and the role that stories play in creating social rules, from gender and sexuality to race and social class.

I’m very excited to join the Art Prof community, because I think everyone who wants to explore the arts should get that chance to do so.”

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