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Marly Gallardo, Illustrator

Marly Gallardo

Guest Teaching Artist

Artist Statement

“I am an Ecuadorian illustrator based in New York City. Coming from an immigrant culinary family, I understood from a young age that pursuing a career in a foreign field like art would be hard work. This always gave me motivation during hard times to remember that my family left their home so that I could have access to life changing opportunities in the United State.  By 4th grade, I began involving myself in various art programs that provided mentors through art teachers, which eventually led towards my completing a BFA in Illustration.

After graduating from art school in 2015 I traveled to my homeland and focused on producing a new body of work. There I began to build a client list within editorial publications, and I have since moved to Brooklyn, NY.

In my artwork I enjoy tackling creative challenges through conceptually driven imagery and a flavorful color palette. This approach stems from the vibrancy of growing up in my family’s restaurant- I like to think I apply the same energy that existed in the kitchen to my work.”

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