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Yves-Olivier Mandereau

Teaching Assistant
Ceramic Artist  (caution: mature content)

“Using found china, I confront the coming of age experience as a queer individual in a traditional household. Recently I completed an artist residency at Zentrum Fur Keramik in Berlin, Germany.   

As a kid I wasn’t sure what I wanted to be when I grew up. I think I didn’t know because no one allowed me to consider a career in the arts. In middle school, I always had the most fun in art class, yet art was never really considered a legitimate pursuit like science and athletics. In high school, I attended a pre-college art program over the summer. I saved up all the money I could from busing tables and catering.The art program was beyond anything I could have imagined, and that’s when I knew I had to pursue visual art seriously. There was no end to the possibilities of learning and expressing myself in art.

Having experienced the value of a quality visual art education, I have committed myself to encouraging and helping others pursue their passion. That’s why I’m here, to help other students experience a broader art education independent of school systems where visual arts aren’t supported.”

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