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2016 November Art Dare


Create an artwork that shows the bag you carry most often. The artwork must include all of the items inside the bag.

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Prize Winners

Charcoal Drawing by Hyeji Kim

Hyeji Kim
South Korea

Form & Texture Prize
My Backpack
Charcoal on paper
18″ x 12″
“My backpack that I carry almost everyday includes: A water bottle, a granola bar, a sketch pad, water-soluble colored pencils and a graphite pencil, knitted fox mittens, a gray scarf, and my favorite black beanie.”
Marker Drawing by Elysha Tsai

Elysha Tsai

Honorable Mention
Free Roam
brush pens & Copic markers
14″ x 11″
“Inside my small backpack that I carry, I keep my wallet, sketchbook, pencil case, colored pencils, some tissues, and hand sanitizer.”
Charcoal Drawing by Wendy Duong

Wendy Duong

Composition Prize
Scatter Bag
charcoal, graphite, white gel pen
9″ x 12″
“My fanny pack holds a wallet, hair elastic, 2 headbands, sugar baby candy wrapper, receipts, flyers, scrap paper, bike route map, & a mini bike tire patch kit. Learned a lot from the Art Prof videos like how to use a viewfinder to choose composition & how to not worry about details until later. All of my items along with the background area were overwhelming for my eyes until I used the viewfinder tip!”
Charcoal & Pastel Drawing by Maya Sternberg

Maya Sternberg

Honorable Mention
Band Season Essentials
charcoal & conté crayon
18″ x 24″
“I chose my red band bag (which never leaves my side during band season), which holds: socks, marching shoes, gloves, deodorant, 2 things of chap stick (in case one goes missing), extra hair ties, bobby pins, suspenders, anti-chafing gel, hair gel, hair brush, sunscreen, tampons, and emergency Advil.”
Pen & Ink Drawing by Emma Heyes

Emma Heyes

Process & Development Prize
What I Carry Around
pen & watercolor
11″ x 8″
“My bag currently contains: purse, sunglasses case, sunglasses (not in the sunglasses case), keys, clean tissues, not so clean tissues, sun cream, panadol, phone, another phone, artliner pen x2, spare nappy for my daughter, nappy bags, lip balm, lip gloss, tampons, hair clip, bobby pins, appointment card, a bottle cap, a multi rider, a teething rusk, a baby pram toy, migraine tablets, business cards, and some old shopping lists & lots of receipts!”
Collage by Jieru Lin

Jieru Lin

Innovative Materials Prize
Things I Carry in College
magazine, thread, glue, black board, tape, plastic bag
16″ x 20″
“Things I carry: water bottle, oranges, digital scanning pen, notebooks, binders, tape, pens, perforating machine, a bag of nuts, a lunch bag, a lunch box, ID card, plastic bag, purse, pen bag, mini hard drive, sleeves, hair pin, headphones, lipsticks, oatmeal bar, and a plastic spoon.”

Art Teacher's Prize

Art Teacher Shelly Leroux

Shelly Leroux, Art Teacher
Victoria School of Performing & Visual Arts

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