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2016 October Art Dare


There are infinite ways to interpret this theme! You could portray what you desire your future self to be, what you fear your future self could become, etc.

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Prize Winners

Pen Drawing by Ashleigh Rose Robb

Ashleigh Rose Robb

Subtlety Prize
How to be a Person: Step 1
white ink on black Fabriano paper
16″ x 16″
Still Life Drawing by Ross Hines

Ross Hines

Bold Technique Prize
Collection of a Lifetime
colored pencil on black illustration board
7.5″ x 7.5″
“I decided to use objects that were significant to my present as well as my future, so the apple (teacher,) colored pencils (art,) Celtic knot (heritage,) and emblem (hobbies) describe me.  Death is a natural order of life, so the skull reminds me that there is an end somewhere down the line.  One of my colleagues loves doing colored pencil on black paper so I borrowed her under lighting technique with white to bring out the richness of the colored pencils.  It’s the first time to try the technique and while it was more work than with white paper I feel it helped set the mood of the piece.  I finished it by coloring the background black as well to unify things!”
Soft Pastel Drawing by Traci L. Turner

Traci L. Turner

Honorable Mention
My Future Self: Barely Alive
colored pencil & white charcoal on black paper
9″ x 12″
“I came up with an image that describes kind of a dark scenario for my “future self.” I imagined a version of myself that would be alone and sickly, needing to take care of myself. A bathroom setting seemed the most intimate to me, and the slight suggestion of a mirror in my drawing implies self-reflection.”
Thumbnail Sketches by Tim Persinger

Tim Persinger

Brainstorming & Sketching Prize
Thumbnail Sketches
pen, pencil
“I am 65 years old.  My mind map of my future self naturally revolves around my wife of 30 years.  With Mary I have many plans and dreams.  Without Mary, I will just be waiting.”
Scratchboard Drawing by Vanessa Landolt

Vanessa Landolt

Honorable Mention
Glass Walls
acrylic on transparent foil
7″ x 11″
“This piece shows the future version of myself I’m afraid to become. The hand pressed against an invisible wall is a symbol for various fears of mine: trying, but not being able to ask for help. Fleeing into isolation and loneliness, without being able to break out of my self made prison. Losing touch to the people I love. Becoming a cold, bitter person who is unable to trust anyone but myself.”
Mind Map by Tim Persinger

Tim Persinger

Brainstorming & Sketching Prize
Mind map 
pen, pencil
“I thought the despair of life without Mary would best illustrate her importance to my future self.  I felt the image of an old man sitting in a wheelchair holding his head would best depict this despair.  These thumbnails are experiments to find the view that best shows the darkness of waiting for the end by yourself.”

Art Teacher's Prize

Lana Gloschat, Art Teacher
El Haynes High School

“As an art teacher I have really utilized the Art Dares with my AP Art students, particularly the instructional videos. It is really powerful to students to see how a professional artist works and that she is using similar strategies that we are using in class (thumbnail sketches, composition, brainstorming in sketchbook, etc.) Receiving the prize for the October Art Dare was a huge boost of confidence for my students and they were excited to see the initial video where their artwork was spotlighted.


The class video critique was such an amazing learning tool. It was so great for students to hear feedback about their work from a second source. It was exciting for me to hear Prof Lieu say things I had been harping on them for all year, but also exciting for them when she shared a different opinion. The class critique solidified for many students that their work had a lot of strength, but that there were some crucial ideas that are important to a finished work regardless of the audience critiquing it. Prof Lieu and I were very unanimous when it came to composition, background, and the completeness of a work of art. Thank you so much for the opportunity to both participate in the art dares AND to have the wonderful class video critique!”

Selected Entries

Elly Meeks, Claudia Simes, Emily Patterson

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