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2017 April Art Dare

Blind Contour Drawing


Everyone has contrasting sides to their personality! One part of us may be withdrawn, while another side might be very lively.
Draw at least 2 self-portraits using only line.  Each drawing will represent a contrasting side of your personality.

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Prize winners

Self-Portrait Line Drawings by Cassie Lin

Cassie Lin

Innovative Materials Prize
The Most Familiar Stranger
acrylic paint, wire,  marker

“This piece was my last art lesson in my year 11 life, so I decided to try some different materials, and do some experiments. At first, I just wanted to create a background using canvas and acrylic paint. When I finished my background, I found it quite boring. While I was thinking, I saw my friend’s phone case, so I decided to create this image. In order to let it ‘stand out’ , I used the type of wire that the seniors used for their models. It turned out they worked quite well together.”

Self-Portrait Line Drawings by Grace Joetam

Grace Joetama

Honorable Mention
A Stranger to Self
markers on paper
8″ x 11″

“Sometimes we are a stranger to ourselves. We may discover new things, new personalities, and new traits about ourselves that might surprise us. ‘Stranger to Self’ was created by using different colored markers for each blind contour drawing of myself, by looking at the mirror constantly. I enjoy doing contour and blind contour drawing a lot, because it puts me into the practice of observing while making art. I personally think that line is one of the elements of art that is most basic and can be a powerful tool to create a composition.”

Self-Portrait Line Drawings by Hannah Place

Hannah Place

Rhythmic Line Prize
Stemming, Smog
digital painting
10″ x 13″

“This line drawing (left)represents an aspect of my personality in it’s process of creation: I took a long time over this one. I considered each aspect with some detail, and the finished result is the last of a few drafts. It is the unrelenting premeditation which I spend on most things. I chose the angle and pose by beginning the portrait at the end of a long and tiring day, to see what came naturally at that moment.

Of the two pieces which I submitted for this Art Dare, this one (right) represents the side of my personality which I always hope will turn up when I arrive somewhere, which is looser, open, and simply enjoys without taking too much care. I intended for the style to reflect this, with a looseness of form which I hoped to create with the fluid sense of smoke, which rides the movements of things around it and spills into explorations of the space which it is in.”

Self-Portrait Line Drawing by Camelia Burn

Camelia Burn

Honorable Mention
Who am I?
Uni Pen and d layering
4.1″ x 5.9″

“This piece is the result of experimental work with line, using myself as the subject of two separate portraits which I then overlapped and photographed as one unit. The idea is thematically in keeping with a more extended project I undertook as part of my Foundation in Art and Design and which focused on research into mental health with a particular focus on depression and states of anxiety.”


Selected Entries

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