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Illustration, Clarisse Angkasa


Create an artwork about one of your guilty pleasures!

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Crayon Drawing, Piper Matthew

Piper Matthew
2017 Summer Intern

“I’ve always loved drawing with crayola crayons ever since I was a child, but since going to art school it’s become a thing that is almost forsaken to do. Which I can understand, from a materials perspective, they’re low quality, cheap and hard to work with. But still, sometimes I find myself layering colors and scratching away designs, it’s just too fun!”

Sleep, Clarisse Angkasa

Clarisse Angkasa
2017 Summer Intern

“My guilty pleasure is excessive sleeping (once I slept a total of 4 times in a day). I can easily fall asleep anywhere and anytime: in the middle of class, while typing on my laptop, at the airport while waiting for my flight, etc. Given the choice, I would choose sleep over basically everything, including food.”

We award prizes in categories based on the submissions we receive. In the past, prizes we’ve given have included “Tremendous Improvement,” “Innovative Brainstorming,” and Honorable Mentions.

To be eligible for a prize, your artwork must be created specifically for this Art Dare, and follow all guidelines.

Skype video prize, for @athensletters, a winner in the 2017 Oct Art Dare.

Skype video prize, for Elly Dallas, a winner in the 2017 Oct Art Dare.


Prize winners get 10 minutes on a live Skype call with Prof Lieu and Art Prof TAs
a 10 min. video of a Skype  call with Prof Lieu and Art Prof TAs, answering 1-2 of your questions!
(watch a sample below)

Honorable mentions will win an Art Prof Sticker pack!

 All participants are eligible to have their name and website linked on the Art Dare page!  


Art teachers, assign this month’s Art Dare one of your classes!  Your class could win a FREE Instagram Live video chat with Prof Lieu!  We’ll also feature your class’ submission on the corresponding Art Dare page.

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