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2017 December-January Art Dare

Illustration, Clarisse Angkasa


Create an artwork about one of your guilty pleasures!

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Guilty Pleasure, Susan Ploeg

Susan Ploeg

Too Many Cups of Tea?
Akua ink and acrylic paint on paper, 7 ” x 9″

“I gathered tea cups and a creamer representing one day’s worth of tea drinking (okay, perhaps I minimized my indulgence here) and put a spotlight on them for dramatic shadows.  The aerial view was to suggest a parade of cups and to reveal a variety of shapes.

I chose a graphic look by cutting the image from a soft carving block and printing it on my handmade “paste” paper prepared with methyl cellulose and acrylic paint. The methyl cellulose created a slight resist for the ink and created a texture. Although I pulled prints from plain, hand painted and decorative commercial papers, I chose this print because it suggests tea drinking under a leafy tree.  Lounging outdoors with my tea says everything about my guilty pleasure…”

Guilty Pleasure, Chloe Frerichs

Chloe Frerichs

Honorable Mention
Guilty Pleasure: Blasting on my Tuba
Akua ink and acrylic paint on paper, 7 ” x 9″

“I wanted to make a piece that was fun, light-spirited, and personal. It really is quite fun to play way too loud on my tuba, although it does often result with a disapproving stare from my band director.”

Guilty Pleasure, Mollie Redman

Mollie Redman

Honorable Mention
White colored pencil and permanent marker on paper, 8.5″x 11″

“My guilty pleasure is watching chiropractor videos on YouTube. I find satisfaction in the process through which a chiropractor locates the source of injury and subsequently fixes it with a quick crack of the vertebrae. The look of awe on the patient’s face after a correction happens almost instantaneously.

In my Art Dare piece I wanted to capture the moment right before an adjustment is made. At this point the patient is most relaxed and unaware of their surroundings. To suggest this, I made the hands melt into the background of pause and play buttons.”

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