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2017 July August Art Dare

Art Prof Art Dare: Typography & Acrylic Painting


Choose 1 character on a keyboard, in any language.  Create an artwork in any media that includes that character!

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Prize winners

Acrylic Painting, Maris Van Vlack

Maris Van Vlack

Elegant Design Prize
Swirls and E’s

Acrylic paint, 5″ x 22″


“I like the smooth shape of the letter ‘e’, which is the reason I chose it for this art dare. The way the line gets thicker and thinner as it goes makes it very flowy.

I am very inspired by Cubism, which is why I chose to paint the different sections of color.”

Charcoal Drawing, Jay Bhagavatula

Jay Bhagavatula
The Netherlands

Honorable Mention
Hiding in Plain View
charcoal on paper, 8.3″ x 11.7″


“I find mundane everyday objects interesting. Very often they are full of surprises. That’s what I tried to show with this piece.

At first it appears as a simple drawing of a pair of cups but after a moment you see the alphabet sitting in the cup handles.”

Acrylic Painting, Tabea Reif

Tabea Reif

Honorable Mention
B yourself!
acrylic on cardboard, 7.09″ x 9.45″


“While going through a hard time, constantly being encouraged to be someone else and change who I am, I was often presented with a decoration blurting out ‘BE yourself.’

The big letters sometimes still haunt me and the irony becomes so apparent. This is why included B’s in this work while showing myself in a confident pose.

The message is to be someone and to not put any pressure on being or finding yourself or conforming to the idea of who you’re supposed to be. It doesn’t matter as long as you are ‘someone’.”


@floppy98x42, Michael Anderson, Evelyn Lockhart, Mick Hart

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