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Comic by Julie Sharpe


Remember those “Choose Your Own Adventure” books, where you got to choose the next part of the story?
Here’s your chance to create a comics version! Using the comic panel below as the first panel, continue the story.
You can create 1 panel or more,  the number of panels is up to you!

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1. Re-create the first panel below.
2. Your first panel must include the same 2 people, the cat, the room, every item and piece of furniture in the same room.
3. The cat has to have the same facial expression.
4. The speech bubble must have the exact same text, and come from person wearing a striped shirt.
5. All comic panels must be square.
6. Use any media!
7. Your last comic panel must end the story.  (If you only create 1 new panel, that panel must end the story.)

Comic by Julie Sharpe

Image: Julie Sharpe

Post your artwork on Instagram, tag us  w/ #artprofdare.
Or, post on our Facebook page.  Use #artprofwip and our staff may stop by and give you feedback!

 We feature your submissions on our Instagram and our Facebook page too!
Submissions close Fri., June 30 @ 11:59pm EST

NEW:  All participants are eligible to have their name and website linked on the Art Dare page!  

We award prizes in categories based on the submissions we receive. In the past, prizes we’ve given have included “Tremendous Improvement,” “Innovative Brainstorming,” and Honorable Mentions. To be eligible for a prize, your artwork must be created specifically for this Art Dare, and follow all guidelines.

NEW:  Prize winners receive: a 10 min. Skype call with the Art Prof staff!  Pick our brains about art! 

Honorable mentions will win an Art Prof T-shirt!

Alex Rowe, Illustrator & Children's Book Artist

Art Teachers: assign this Art Dare to one of your classes!

One class will win a large Art Prof sticker for each student, and a class video critique (see examples above) from Prof Lieu. In the class video critique, each student receives a 1 minute critique on an artwork of their choice. Limit of 25 students. Grades 8 and up are eligible.

Submission Guidelines for Art Teachers
If you have an Instagram for your classroom, post your students’ responses there. Encourage your students to post on their own accounts as well! For each submission, tag us w/ #artprofdare. Or, you can create a folder in Google Drive or Dropbox and share it with us.

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