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2017 March Art Dare

Mixed Media Collage: Painting & Photography


Create an artwork inspired by 2-9 words from one of the Feb Art Dare charts!

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Prize Winners

Pen Drawing by Anonymous


Thrilling Narrative Prize
Micron pen on watercolor paper
7″ x 8″
Words: Lust, Drool, Kill, Splash, Comfortable, Capture

“From the start I approached this Art Dare as an opportunity for telling a story, using the words in the charts as prompts. The main challenge was the composition: the scene started as a plain, eye level, frontal view of the sofa, and, after many drafts, evolved into a more dynamic diagonal composition with a higher point of view meant to turn the viewer into a voyeur.”

Pen Drawing by Ross Hines

Ross Hines

Honorable Mention
Three Coyotes
6″ x 8″
Words: Satisfying, Kick, Delicious, Toothpaste, Date, Atmosphere, Glue, Crooked, Meat

“I had three different ideas for this Art Dare, but each one just felt too gimmicky.  I turned to a project I teach instead. The project uses words to layer up value instead of traditional shading or hatching.  You chose words that give more meaning to your image, so a firefighter saving a poor kitten from a tree might use words like heroic, brave, serving, or hero while the kitten might have words like victim, helpless, weak, or sad.    This Art Dare wouldn’t allow that as the words were already pre-generated, so I instead set up a still life using three of my coyote skulls and used directional lighting.  The black backdrop insured I’d have to really put a lot of work into that as well.   It did take awhile to pull off but I’m happy with the look and also doing something I hoped was a little outside of the box!”

Mixed Media Collage by Cate Christen Waung

Cate Christen Waung

Mixed Media Mastery Prize
Nap Time
mixed media collage
18″ x 18″
Words: Rest, Fireplace, Pillow

“My goal for this project was to create a lighthearted, fun piece and I thought collage would be the perfect medium.    The three words I chose were rest, pillow and fireplace and I used my dog Odie as inspiration.  Odie is the type of dog who is either running around at a full sprint or passed out on something comfy. He is the prince of our household!   This gave me the idea to create him a “princess and the pea” style “throne”.  On hand I found paper that resembled 1930’s style fabric which I thought was perfect for the pillows.  The fire place was designed from another scrap from my collage paper bin which I thought was the perfect rustic contrast to the dainty and delicate pillows!”

Pencil Drawing by Sidhi Vhisatya

Sidhi Vhisatya

Honorable Mention
My Hour Has Not Yet Come
pencil on paper
8.27 × 11.69
Words: Bite, Push

“I worked on this piece after reading one chapter in the Book of John, ‘My Hour Has Not Yet Come.’ While, the day before, I’d read about this challenge. On the other side, I was on my pencil studies focusing on insects’ anatomy. I made this piece to represent ‘push’ and ‘bite.’ I want to tell about every person who tends to have great expectations and wants to make it as fast as they can. But, sometimes, what a person needs to learn is to be patient, and consider that there’ll be a right time in the future.’

Mixed Media Photo & Collage by Blya Krouba

Blya Krouba

Immediate Impact Prize
photography, tempera paint
8.5″ x 11″
Words: Resist, Snap

“When I thought of the word ‘resist’, I thought immediately of my project called ‘The Complications of Being Dark-Skinned”. This project is a series of photographs done that showcase that being black/dark-skinned is beautiful, unapologetic, strong, humane and educated. My models are black people painted with black paint to emphasize that no one is ‘black’ in real life. I, myself have been struggling with accepting my dark skin and that is what sparked this project.

‘Resist’ showcases the strength of being black/dark-skinned, black is strong. In this piece, you see the real world piercing through the background. The intention was to have the model lost in her own aura, embracing herself and resisting the negatively of the real world that is slowly aiming to shatter her world. I first blocked off certain areas and then painted on top.”

Acrylic Painting by Hyeji Kim

Hyeji Kim
South Korea

Surprising Image Prize
One Zesty Bear
acrylic & fabric on canvas
21″ x 18″
Words: Divide, Soft, Pulp, Fuzz

“It all started with the February Art Dare chart. I was very excited to fill up the chart, and the unexpected words inspired me to create something fresh and fun.  So I chose to put that excitement and liveliness into the teddy. Also, by tearing up the teddy, I let the mixture of my excitement and great joy burst out of it as zesty pulps.”

Selected Entries

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