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2017 May Art Dare

2017 May Art Dare: Metamorphosis


1)  Shoot a reference photo.
2) Create a piece in any media from the reference photo.
3) Using a different media, create a piece based on the previous piece.

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Prize winners

Erisa Evelyn Byrd

Pattern & Line Prize
watercolor, pen and ink, 7″x7″ each


“I love the beauty found in nature. I can’t take a walk without taking a photograph of a flower. One day on such a walk I saw this busy bee exploring a hibiscus. I took a ton of pictures of this guy. If he knew I was there he didn’t seem to mind. I’ve always enjoyed the softness of watercolor and the harshness of pen. Both are mediums that I’d like to explore more and possibly combine so I thought it would be fun to push myself to use them.

My first piece was painted in watercolor and my second piece was drawn in pen. Originally I wanted to keep the second pieces strictly black and white but then I took inspiration from the red of the stigma of the flower to add red pen to my ink drawing. It becomes the unifier of the two very different pieces.”

Leena Shanbhag

Honorable Mention

charcoal & watercolor, 8″ x 11″ each


“I like words, especially words like ‘metamorphosis,’  ‘transformation,’ and ‘exploration’. I didn’t have to look far for inspiration for this Art Dare.

The reference picture is a tall crape myrtle tree near my house. The tree has multiple trunks/ limbs. After doing a few initial sketches, taking many pictures, and looking at them on my phone, I felt the tree to be more like a forest rather than just one tree. The camera distorts one’s view which in this case was not a bad idea, since the subject was transformation.

So I focused on the trunk forms in the first transformation, trying to evoke a forest. And in the second one, the space created within these trunks which look like upside down limbs to me.”

Hyeji Kim
South Korea

Honorable Mention
I blew up a balloon/ A balloon blew me up
crayon & charcoal on paper, 12” x 18″ each


“Balloons bring me back to the days when I was a little girl. And I always keep balloons in my drawer because they make me smile, have got a little bit of silliness, and funny sense of humor, and the happiness which fuels my creativity all the time.

When I think of metamorphosis it reminds me of magic. So, I started brainstorming about magical creatures which could interact each other. That is how I developed my interpretation of metamorphosis in this artwork.

As I blew up a balloon, it got filled with my breath which gave a balloon a life. And as a balloon blew me up, its liveliness got transferred into my face.

While I was creating this piece, I wished it could make people smile just like I did.”

Julia Harner

Honorable Mention
pencil drawing, 5″ x 7″
chalk on canvas, 9″ x 10″
acrylic on paper, 11″ x 15″

“At the beginning of May, I really was into drawing human bodies. So I decided to go to the Glyptothek in Munich, a museum full of old sculptures.

After a few pencil sketches and photos later I really wanted to try new things. The May Art Dare was a good chance for me. Why not turn an artwork which is already there, into my own?

Later that day, I used chalk on canvas to show more darkness, because in my art school they always telling me that I should do more contrast on things. Now I had three images, but I had the feeling some color was missing.

My last piece is abstract, cut out of paper with some red acrylic on the outlines. Basically the opposite, but in my eyes, the metamorphosis process was now fully completed.”

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