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2017 October Art Dare

2017 October Art Dare


Do Inktober this month!
Optional:  Create a piece about a superstition.

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Elly Dallas

Narrative Prize
Diary Comics
Sharpie and ink on paper with collage, various sizes smaller than 8″ x 10″

“I originally created an art account on Instagram as a way to share, and to encourage myself to work on my diary comics and ideas for zines more regularly. I was really happy to see that Art Prof was conducting an Inktober Art Prof Dare, because it helped me hold myself accountable and try to stick with the daily drawings. (I really enjoyed looking through the hashtag’s posts as well!)

My artwork is usually based on something I’ve experienced or overheard that stands out to me. I usually start by drawing something out in pencil early on, then going over it later with Sharpie or ink and brush – whatever I have on hand. Then I usually like to cut out the little frames and I get out my collage box (yes, it’s as fun as it sounds!) and I create a final image. Then I scan it and upload it to my Instagram. It’s a lot of fun for me!”


Boldly Go Prize
Ink, watercolor, mixed media, 7″ x 10″

“This is the second year that I joined in the Inktober challenge. My aim was to improve my technique with ink – pen, wash and ballpoint – and push myself out of my comfort zone. In practice I was so busy that most days I only managed a doodle or scribble! I really enjoyed seeing other people’s work and the wildly different ways they interpreted the (optional) prompts. I find the interaction and support within the Instagram community very helpful for my own work.”

Lauren Schooley

Honorable Mention
Bad Luck
Brush pen and marker, 7″x 7.5″ each

“Before I started this triptych, I knew I wanted to create several pieces based on well-known bad luck superstitions, and one based on a bad luck superstition I had not heard of before. Along with opening umbrellas indoors and breaking a mirror as the two well-known superstitions, I decided on the superstition that mixing beers brings bad luck from the Czech Republic. In my pieces, I wanted to experiment with harsh lighting and single accent colors.”

Tabea Reif

Honorable Mention
Inktober 2017
Ink, markers, watercolor and ballpoint pen, various sizes

“My take on Inktober 2017! I think this was a great opportunity and to learn more than anything else. I posted a lot of drawings that I wasn’t really content with, but that made it easier for me to see how I could improve with my process and notice the things I need to keep practicing. I think the most important thing I took away from this is how to add bold contrast to change the composition and overall appearance of the piece. “

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