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2017 September Art Dare

2017 Sept Art Dare: Sketchbook Spreads


Submit up to 5 spreads that you create this month in your sketchbook!

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Ballpoint pen drawing, Jackie


Drawing Prize
Tiger Faces
Ballpoint pen, 19″ x 12″

“I learned how to draw with ballpoint pen from doodling in my notebooks in school.  I loved how smooth it felt to roll the pen’s tip across the page. Soon I began to draw more often with pen than I did with pencil. I learned how holding the pen at different angles would give me different shades black and white. In this piece I layered green, blue, red, black and orange Bic pens along with some yellow prisma colored pencil for the tiger’s eyes. I used many photo references and videos online for the tigers and drew the leaves from life and photos I took.”

Piper Matthew
“My sketchbook has become attached to my hand this past summer in a way I wasn’t expecting. I’ve found that after one year of college, I can’t separate the way I take notes or sketch, because to me they’re both similar tools of capturing an experience. My sketchbook has become a combination of life sketches, anxious lists, random notes and thumbnails about what I just drew and what I might draw. Parts of it have even become like a scrapbook, where I’ll tape a memento that creates a flap to hide a drawing or note behind.” 

Amy Hollshwandner
“I’ve gotten in the habit of bringing my sketchbook and sharpies (thin and thick tipped) around with me everywhere I go, and I usually make a weird doodle when something funny comes to mind! Most of my sketchbook pages are filled with double page spreads where I play with value and continuous line drawings.”

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