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2018 April Art Dare

2018 April Art Dare


Create an artwork using junk mail!

Need inspiration?  Look at these collage artists:
Romare Bearden Elinore HollinsheadKara WalkerElaine Spatz-RabinowitzHannah Höch, Joseph CornellRobert RauschenbergWangechi MutuVik MunizMark Bradford Nick BantockMax Ernst

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Nikoletta T
This is Not a Game
mixed media collage
16.7″ x 20″

Concept Development Prize


“My motivation was to manipulate common flyers as an art material and create an interesting picture. The idea of ‘frozen-food-monsters marching against unsuspecting children’ resulted from mind mapping all the possible cutouts; I jotted down the categories of available printed imagery. Thumbnail sketches, helped me preview that I must draw the simplest arrangement possible, because the cutouts were already rich in color and detail.

The monsters were arranged in perspective, to create depth and to emphasize the invasion. The photos of the children are arranged along a low diagonal, to avoid static symmetry, which is counter-balanced by the group of tiny food emojis. The latter symbolize the ploys used by the food industry to attract young customers. The shadowed silhouettes leave a hint about poverty and hunger. Ground preparation is designed to create texture and make the basic shapes pop; you may note the transition from top-cool (frozen environment) to bottom-warm. (joyful kids)”

Beverly Hill
Petroglyph Junk Mail
junk mail cuts outs, paper mache, magnet board, magnets
Lantern: 11 inch” diameter
Magnet board: 24″ x 36″

Honorable Mention


“Two events led me to making these two different pieces of art using the same theme. First, I was working on lace paper mache lantern so, since I was set up for that process, I decided to incorporate the junk mail onto a new lantern, and second, I was studying the Anasazi and was fascinated by their cave art.

I made a lantern out of newsprint and cut out petroglyph images and glued them to the paper substrate of the lantern. Because there were so many cut outs remaining, I glued small magnets on them, placed a piece of black paper on a magnetic board, and then arranged the cutouts in different arrays to make different images. Meanwhile, I was also experimenting with stop motion animation so I went ahead and made my first stop motion animation using the cuts.

I’m really enjoying participating these art challenges!”


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