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2018 June Art Dare

Digital Illustration, Catherine Huang


In any media, create an artwork that has a pineapple, mushrooms, a saber tooth tiger, and pirhanas.


Need inspiration?  Look at these artists:
Chris Van Allsburg‘s The Mysteries of Harris Burdick, David WiesnerFrida Kahlo, Dorothea TanningHieronymus BoschMax Ernst, Leonora Carrington, Joseph Cornell

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Acrylic Painting, Hyeji Kim

Hyeji Kim
Pirhana Boy’s Birthday
acrylic on canvas
15″ x 18″

June Art Dare Prize

South Korea

“The elements of June Art Dare were a perfect mixture for me to imagine something oddly refreshing. So, I instantly came up with this image of the pirhana boy eating cake based on my recent cravings for cakes. The swirling images I also got when I first saw the four words were depicted on or around the cake to share this very mysterious feelings I felt at that moment.”

Digital Illustration, Lauren Schooley

Lauren Schooley
Digital Painting (MediBang Paint Pro)
11.69″ x 8.27″

Honorable Mention


“I decided to take this art dare’s prompt pretty literally. I wanted to experiment with lighting and framing in the piece. I started by creating some two-tone thumbnail sketches to figure out what lighting compositions would work before creating a rough sketch and the digital painting.

I wanted the piece to be cohesive, so I had to figure out how to integrate the pineapple. I realized that some palm trees have bases that resemble large pineapples, so I included an over sized pineapple in the piece to emulate these. The pineapple and mushrooms in the piece I used more for framing, while I wanted to emphasize the colors of the piranhas and saber-toothed tiger.”

Acrylic Painting & Colored Pencil, Honorable Mention

Jade To
acrylic and colored pencil on board
11″ x 8.5″

Honorable Mention


“When I read the prompt for the June Art Dare, I immediately thought of doing a portrait and incorporating the objects as jewelry. I am very into fashion and jewelry design, which led to the piranha earrings, and the saber tooth tiger and mushroom rings.

The pineapple background was influenced by motel wallpaper, which I find tastefully kitsch. The mustard head wrap was added for a pop of contrasting color, which I believed tied the piece together. The piece is named Sage for no particular reason other than I feel her name would be Sage.”


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