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2018 November Art Dare

2018 November Art Dare


Create a page of sketch notes from one of our videos!
Thanks to James Dykman for providing his images & inspiring this Art Dare .

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Liana L
Drawing a Charcoal Portrait Art Notes
marker & pen on paper
8.5″  x 11″

Prize Winner


“Upon seeing this challenge, I became eager to try out this form of ‘doodle’ notes as usually when I take notes I just write down words as they appear without any special flair. So, I brought out my sketchbook, clicked play on the charcoal video, and started taking notes. As I was going into this blind, I had no prior expectations but quickly found myself enjoying the process. Not only was I learning something new from the video, but I also was having fun drawing out my notes in a memorable way.”

Charcoal Drawing Sketch Notes, Liana L

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