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2018 October Art Dare

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow


Do Inktober! Optional: depict imagery associated with the legend of Sleepy Hollow.

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Ink Drawing, Amy Pan

Amy Pan
ink, watercolor, coconut oil
6.85″ x 26.85″



“‘Ballerina’ is originally completed as a series of figure drawings done during a ballet performance. The abstract figures are resulted from the continuous motion of my hand while the dancers are moving to the music.

To capture the mood of the performance, I chose calligraphy ink as a medium because it runs with the tip of my fan brush and dries down to create lively images. After this series is finished, it immediately reminded me of the Inktober prompt ‘tranquil,’ as this corresponds to the overall mood of the artwork.”

Linoleum Block Print, Corinna Loeckenhoff

Corinna Loeckenhoff
Just Keep Swimming
linoleum block print
2″ x 4″

Honorable Mention


“Even though Inktober is mostly focused on line drawings, I went with my current favorite: linocut. I like that the slight grain in the linoleum prevents me from getting too accurate and detail-obsessed. Also, I can share the finished prints with as many of my friends as I want to.

This tiny print (it’s 2″ x 4″) is just a quick study for a larger piece where the woman will dive into/through a large wave. However, when I posted a rough pre-print on social media, many of my friends were immediately drawn to her relaxed and confident pose (a real counterpoint to the current societal mood). So the little sketch has taken on a life of its own reminding people that sometimes the best strategy is to ‘just keep swimming.'”


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