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2018 Sept Art Dare

Mixed Media Sculptures, Amy Hollshwandner


If you were a fruit or vegetable, what would you be?
Create a self-portrait as a fruit or vegetable.

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Honorable Mention

ICS High School Art Club
Hong Kong

“My friend, Danielle, and I lead an art club at our high school. Ever since we started the club, we have always emphasized that even people without the ‘technical skills’ can join us for an hour once a week.

As seniors, we always try to find prompts that are expressive, interesting and unique for the club members. When I proposed the idea of trying this month’s art dare, we agreed that this prompt gave us the freedom to be creative.

However, we as a club definitely needed some practice in the subject of fruits so we planned a fruit observational drawing day before starting the project. We also introduced them to the artist René Magritte, and many made an artist-inspired piece.

The medium, oil pastel, was randomly chosen by a dice. Our members definitely had lots of fun doing the dare and we thank you for the enjoyable experience!”


1 pad of Strathmore white charcoal paper, a set of Tombow Dual Brush Pens, and a Gelli Arts® gel printing plate!

Honorable mentions will win an Art Prof T-shirt!

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2018 September Art Dare Prize
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