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2019 August Art Dare


Draw 3 (or more) cartoons of yourself on a page!
Need inspiration? Watch Casey’s cartoon tutorial or Cat’s character design tutorial!

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Me, Myself, and Me, Myself, and I, I, I
colored pencil
14″ x 17″

United States


“People are so much more than just their face and body. We each have a unique soul, the heart of our personality, who we are. When creating this piece, I tried to incorporate as much of myself, not just in appearance, but in the little things. From my love of ice cream to my XL water bottle that goes everywhere with me, this piece is covered with my personality. Most of the clothes are outfits I wear often, along with the hairstyles.

It was tempting to simply draw myself floating in an empty space, but the environment is equally important. I was able to capture how I sit on a stool, which end of the sofa I gravitate toward, and where I set the bouquet of flowers my husband brings home sometimes. I love drawing cartoons and I think this piece shows how much fun I had creating it.”

2019 August Art Dare, Junijube
2019 August Art Dare, Alexis Ward

Alexis Ward
Let’s Face It, I’m Multi-Faceted
watercolor, pen and Ink
16″ x 12″

United States


“As an artist, I’m not inhibited by the obvious set before me. Also, I’m not content with reservation, contrary to my actual personality, when a composition yearns for a voice to be heard. Instead, I appreciate the significance of the message, commenting on a small or grand issue of our society, and the feelings experienced by the artist also experienced by the viewer. A piece embodies life in all its highs and lows.

Overall, my style is graphic, saturated, and an unapologetic bold serving as a representation of how I feel or what I want to say but cannot put into words alone. So in terms of who, what, or where I gather inspiration from, I believe it’s sought from different facets of my life and components of my identity.

My family, inner struggles of thoughts and feelings, culture, and tradition are a few of the many factors that impact my art. And as an artist, I always seek to diversify, offer a voice to the unsung one mark at a time.”

Rebecca Lemell
Feeling Grey
pen & ink
10″ x 5″

United States


“I wanted to try and express a range in value with ink washes, with each value existing in its own shape. Creating a cartoon worked well for this, as I was pushed in the direction of making a very simplified, almost geometric version of myself.

Since I don’t normally work in this style I took inspiration from animated shows. I thought, if an art director from an early-2000’s network had to make me a character what would I look like? Most likely the ever-pessimistic goth sidekick to a much less melancholy protagonist- and just rolled with that idea.”

2019 August Art Dare, Rebecca Lemell
2019 August Art Dare, moonpincer

So blind
marker, pen
5″ x 4″

United States


“Having glasses since I was 7 years old has made them a part of me. Without them I say my face is ‘bald’ but with them I can never stop complaining about not being able to lie down, fogging up, roller coasters, sweating and so many more.”

Dan Mahon
Whole lotta Jack n Dan
dimensions variable

United States


“I’m normally an oil painter and I love doing cartoon-y work digitally as a bit of fun and just to mix things up. It’s great because it still allows creativity, but without the pressure! I use the me at the desk as a template for advertising my shows/open studios, sneaking an oil into the image on the desk.”

2019 August Art Dare, Dan Mahon
Self-Portrait Cartoon Drawings, Kushal Kishore

Kushal Kishore
Just Some Weirdos
brush pen, graphite
9″ x 7″



“For my art Prof dare, I wanted to make myself look weird and ugly. At first I was hesitant, but by the time I drew the last figure, I didn’t care how I looked. I also didn’t want to go so far that my features weren’t recognizable.”

Diana Gonzalez
Cartooning at the Beach
8″ x 7″


“I cartooned a collection of pictures I took of myself on the beach. I did the cartoons in 7 minutes total.”

Self-Portrait Cartoons in Pen, Diana Gonzalez
Winsor & Newton
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1 prize winner will receive a pack of art supplies that includes: a pack of Clay House Art‘s Resin clay, woodless colored pencils,/a pack of 6 Spectra double ended alcohol markers/10 piece Drawing set from Chartpak,  a 5″ x 7″ gel printing plate from GelliArts, a $50 gift certificate to Blick Art Materials, (for US residents only) a watercolor after effects gift collection from Winsor & Newton, and 3 Ampersand gesso boards,

1 Honorable mention will win a hard bound art journal from Strathmore.

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2019 April Art Dare


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