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2019 December Art Dare


Do gesture drawings in any art media,  of any animal either 1) from life or 2) from watching an animal video!
Watch out cat drawing tutorial for tips on drawing moving animals

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Mixed Media Drawing, Ross Hines

Honorable Mention

Ross Hines
pen & watercolor
9″ x 12″


“I chose to use magpies as they are somewhat iconic to me when I travel in the western United States. They bring back memories of Colorado vacations and I enjoy seeing them when I return. Their intelligence and attitude make them fun to watch and their colors make them fun to photograph and work with artistically.

I love gesture drawing as it’s one of the rare times I allow myself to be ‘free’ with my mark-making. Micron pens and watercolor are a good combination and allowed me to spice up an other wise standard gesture sketching session. I used the pens to preserve my initial finding marks and skipped graphite all together.

Once I’d drawn several birds from video (we don’t have any magpies in Texas!) I tried to match their colors the best I could with a limited watercolor set from my classroom as well as adding a background.”

Joan Savitt
My Cat Jack Bauer
pencil on paper
8.5″ x 5.5″


“I love to draw my cat, and am trying to really capture him. He is featured in my 2019 holiday cards, because he is very handsome and inspiring – in a humorous way.”

Gesture Drawing, Joan Savitt
Acrylic Painting with Colored Pencil, Robert Diez

Robert Diez
acrylic & colored pencil
9″ x 12″

“I began by examining my cat’s various poses throughout the day. He is quite stationary, so in that regard I was pretty fortunate. I narrowed down three main positions he shifted between and painted my favorite.

The background is mystical colors to express the calming nature his relaxation emits, with broad brush strokes. I used a frayed brush to display the tasseled fur.”

Hannah Kelly
The Sloths
pencil , green Chinese ink stick , walnut drawing ink
8.2″ x 5.7″


“After researching different animals for inspiration for the Art Dare I settled upon studying sloths. Which I looked at on YouTube in different documentaries and videos in their natural environment.

I created the studies using a Chinese ink stick in green and walnut drawing ink as I had never used the materials before so I wanted to be able to experiment loosely with the , I also used these materials as they created a simplistic colour scheme that drew attention to the shapes and lines used in the piece.”

Gesture Drawing, Hannah Kelly

Haley Gibbs
Gesture Drawings of My Cat Sophia!
colored pencil
9″ x 12″


“This was a part of the December Art Dare for cat gestures.”

Gesture Drawing, Haley Gibbs
Gesture Drawing, Haley Gibbs
Gesture Drawing, Haley Gibbs

Teo Ica
Figure Drawings of Resident Cats at the My Local Cat Cafe
watercolour pencils, white pen, ballpoint pen
8.27″ × 11.69″


“I am a big animal lover, so your December Art dare to create animal figure drawings from life was something I absolutely wanted to try, especially after watching Prof Lieu’s fun YouTube tutorial.

“I already am a regular visitor at my local cat cafe (unfortunately, my busy professional life as a development engineer does not allow me enough time to have pets), so I brought the necessary materials with me during a visit and gave it a try.

I was beyond happy with how well it worked, and Prof. Lieu’s pieces of advice, especially not to focus too much on the eye and not to sharpen the pencils, helped me a lot in sketching cats in motion, (I think Stan was contorting while cleaning himself just to spite me!) resting cats and sleeping cats at various detail levels.

For me, it was a first sketching in ballpoint pen, as I had some fear of a non-erasable medium, and I was surprised how good these pieces turned out,too. Most importantly, I had a great time while completing this art dare, interacting pleasantly with the cats, the guests and the staff there. I am thoroughly motivated to draw more animals, to step away from my very detailed and rather precise style more often, and to continue to challenge myself! Many thanks to the Art Prof Team for this great opportunity and experience!”

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