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2019 February Art Dare

Illustrated Recipe, Alex Rowe

“The Art of Cooking”

Illustrate a a food recipe in any format in any media!

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Dee W.
A Charming Recipe
Black fine liner, gold and silver card, gold leaf craft, colored pencils
32″ x 24″

Prize Winner
United Kingdom


“For this piece I wanted to create something quirky and that is why I chose to consider the Shakespeare poem from Macbeth to base my recipe on. I started by creating thumbnails and then I used a ink pen to create some general design components. Using ink meant I was committed to each idea. From here I created my final pencil drawings which I colored and lined in black fine liner.

For the background to each scene, I considered the colors used in the main subject and used their complimentary colors to make it pop. After I had finished each element I cut them out and rearranged them until I was happy, after gluing them down I cut out stars from gold paper and positioned them throughout to create a “magical” link between all the elements and I also added some gold leaf for an extra flair!”

2019 February Art Dare: Cooking Recipe Illustration

Khushi Amin
Cranberry Brie Pull-Apart Bread Recipe
Acrylic and pen
12″ x 9″

Honorable Mention


“At the beginning of February, my art teacher posted our monthly sketchbook assignment and it just so happened to be this art dare. My initial impulse was to do a classic cake recipe. Nonetheless, I started scouring Pinterest. While scrolling through my feed, I stumbled upon this recipe. 

Typically when I am working with acrylic paint to paint objects, I tend to work more on the realistic side. Although it would be a bit of a challenge, I wanted to go for more of a color-blocking style. Once I finished painting, I used pen and ink to add in shading and highlights. Finally, I decorated the different areas of the piece with flourishes and embellishments which tied it all together. Honestly, I can’t wait to give this recipe a try!”

2019 February Art Dare: Cooking Recipe Illustration

Vera Torachidis
Morning After Breakfast
Digital Painting using Procreate
8″ x 11″


“The motivation behind the piece was to try and translate the text of the recipe into a simple and effective visual format.”

2019 February Art Dare: Cooking Recipe Illustration

Mum’s Fried Rice
10″ x 8″

UAE, Dubai

“My compositions usually consist of human/humanoid portraits. So when I saw the art dare I decided that this would be a great challenge. My dare piece ‘Mum’s Fried Rice’ was inspired by my mother’s fried rice (one of my favorite meals).

So after seeing the art dare I immediately knew what I wanted to do. I started off by asking my mother for the recipe. I then brainstormed and doodles ideas until I decided on my final one. While I was completing this piece I ate many bowls of fried rice what only further inspired me.”

Janet Pan
The Process of Sushi
18″x 3″


“Sushi is definitely one of my favorite foods and I think it’s so fun to see how much diversity it has – it can be made with just the fish, or there can be seaweed and flowers included. Definitely had a lot of fun with this!”

2019 February Art Dare: Cooking Recipe Illustration

Rebeca Tapia
Mini Cheesecakes
Construction paper, colored pencils, markers
14″ x 11″


“Attending a basic graphic design class at my college taught me to design with construction paper. Since then, I have been trying to incorporate it more in my art and designs. So for this challenge I knew what I wanted to use. I found the perfect recipe and began to craft my paper.

I added the details of the food with coloring pencils and started to layer the papers down. As I was laying down the paper I thought it would be more interesting to make it pop up. I used tape to make the elements pop up the page and then wrote down what was needed to complete the recipe.”

2019 February Art Dare: Cooking Recipe Illustration

Selena Qian
Chocolate Chip Cookies
brush pen and Photoshop
5″ x 12″


“This work illustrates my favorite and most-used recipe: chocolate chip cookies. I love chocolate and sweets, and these were one of my favorite foods to bake growing up, and still are now. I started by writing down the recipe and proceeding to sketch out each of the steps.

I then went over it in pen and transferred the images to the computer, where I added color digitally using Photoshop. I decided to keep the lines on the page because it’s more reminiscent of a handwritten recipe in that way.”


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