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2019 January Art Dare

2019 December January Art Dare

“MY 2018”

Create an artwork about what 2018 was for you, in any media!

Need inspiration?  Read this New York Times article, “2018, as Seen by Five Artists.”

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Mixed Media Drawing, Louise Schoon

Louise Schoon
A Goodbye
beewax pencils, acrylic ink, soft pastels, acrylic paint on paper
50 cm x 70 cm

Prize Winner

The Netherlands

“In 2018, I moved out of my family house, in which I lived for almost 60 years. I relived a lot of old memories, one of them being the sudden death of my father 40 years ago in that house. On the drawing I am positioned at the right hand side. When my father was laid out, my tears did not fall on him, but on the glass of his coffin.

Afterwards I became a caretaker for my mother, who was bound to a wheelchair. The symbols of my many prayers you can find alongside the frame of the drawing. The squares in the drawing symbolize the old patterns, such as needing a lot of certainty and routine. There is a lot more symbolism to be found in the drawing. Now I am finally ready to turn my head the other way.”

Acrylic Painting, Tabea Reif

Tabea Reif
Calendar Girls
acrylic paint
18.9″ x 41.3″

Honorable Mention


“My 2018 has been about moving forward, about connections and overall living a more colorful life. Each figure represents one month of 2018 and the colors all have a personal symbolic meaning to them. I tried for the postures to be more confident the further they leap into the year. My process started with finding a heading for each month about the significant changes in my life. I then tried to find postures that would represent my attitude in that month and then colors, that influenced me in each time period. I met many new people in 2018 and so parts of my encounters are represented through these figures.”


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