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2019 July Art Dare

Clara Lieu, Lithographic CrayonDrawings from the Wading Series


Create an artwork on transparent/translucent surface(s). Try layering your surfaces too!

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J. Jarvis
Landscape Experiments
acrylic on glass
5″ x 7″

Prize Winner


Acrylic on Glass Painting, J Jarvis
Acrylic on Glass Painting, J Jarvis

“The timing of this month’s Art Dare was perfect. The night before July rolled around I read a book to my daughters that involved shining a flashlight behind the page to find shadows and I wanted to try something similar.

I’ve also been interested in optical color mixing so I decided to incorporate color once I saw the dare. These pieces are on four panes of glass. One pane gets mars black and glazing liquid. The next nickel azo yellow, then ultramarine with phthalo turquoise, and lastly, quinacridone magenta.

This was the most transparent combo I could find that mixed nice secondaries. The process is similar to screen printing. I meant to do something large, but I’m so glad I submitted and will keep experimenting with this. (and that transparent paper Yupo paper too!)”

Watercolor Painting, Fanny Puspita

Fanny Puspita
Color Flow
watercolor on paper
8″ x 11″

Honorable Mention


“I’ve been inspired to try a lot of types/and styles of art because of Art Prof, and many improvement that I get in terms of skill and mindset in art.”

Leah Wohl-Pollack
Altered monotype on rice paper
8.5″ x 11″


“I’ve been experimenting with basic printmaking techniques this year (monotype and collagraph), and wanted to create a movement-filled piece for this art dare.

I used semi-transparent rice paper and block printing ink to create the monotype, then altered the results with pen to enhance the natural movement of the inked brush strokes.”

Monotype, Leah Wohl-Pollack
Colored Pencil Drawing on Tracing Paper, JuniJube

colored pencils on tracing paper
9″ x 12″



“For this theme it was important to me to use the transparent sheets of paper to the fullest. I felt this pond scene made the most of it, allowing me to use multiple sheets of tracing paper layered to create depth.

Three sheets allowed me to break down the image between the background, mid ground, and foreground. I colored the portions of the pond on their respective sheets then taped them together as I worked so the image would be able to be continued onto the next sheet.

I most enjoyed drawing the underwater elements, such as the fish and rocks. After placing the final sheet on top, I felt like I was looking down into a pond to find them!”

acrylic on tracing paper
9″ x 12″



“The motivation is in the Art Dare. Since I hadn’t done this style before , I had to explore and learn something new about art and myself too. This is my first try ever in transparency.”

Acrylic Painting on Tracing Paper, Artbojana
Digital media, Diane Foley

Diane Foley
Carrie on Level 5
digital overlays on charcoal 
11″ x 15″



“Drawing is a way of thinking and observing the world around us. Drawing from life and further working with the drawings in digital applications helps me make sense of life. I practice with the hope of someday conveying my understanding to others through the work.

My work starts with a drawing in pencil, charcoal or pen, usually done from direct observation in life drawing class or plein air. A photograph of the drawing is uploaded to a digital application. I then overlay layers of other drawings, paintings or photographs usually of mundane street shots taken at random.

This piece is a charcoal sfumato drawing of a figure layered with photographs of a wall in a parking garage, chalk scrawls on a side walk and orange light. The juxtapositions give unexpected surprises in color, form and textures which I refine by digitally painting or removing portions of layers in GIMP.

Both the conventional drawing and digital phases are adventures of discovery about the subject. A narrative often forms in my mind and guides the selection of the layers. Here, a woman walks on a street shimmering in summer heat.”

Lyndsay Richards
animated gif



“This work deals in the idea of memory. Through the process of dissolving inks on vellum, memory presents in the context of a changing landscape, shifting and fading, buried in layers of itself.”

Diana Gonzalez
Mayan Monster
11″ x 14″


“I wanted to create an old Mayan monster where I got to play around with texture. For this piece I wanted to keep it in grey scale so I scanned my sketch to the computer, did the line work in one layer, then inserted the values and light sources, then added the skin textures with textured Photoshop brushes.

Later I added details of the crown hand drawn and face wrinkles and cracks of old age to give dimension to the creature.”

Yashwardhan Singh Jadaun
Coconut Inferno
charcoal, ink, digital
8.27″ × 11.69″



“My July Art Dare artwork is a combination of digital and traditional media. The whole idea for my piece ‘Coconut inferno” started off as a still life but I managed to morph it into this artwork after I got to know about the Art Dare.

The composition for this piece came out as I took multiple cutouts from the still life and rearranged them like a collage to depict some sort of ‘transparency’ with repeated trials and errors I found the suitable visual representation for this artwork.

I created transparency in this piece with the usage of the candle as its bursting out a glow casting a light and setting the theme for the artwork..I stuck red plastic wrap over the lit candle to give a more prominent look like a lamp that is burning like an inferno, giving it a feeling of coconuts being trapped in an inferno.”

Charcoal, Ink, Digital Media Drawing, Yashwardhan Singh Jadaun


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