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2019 June Art Dare


Design your own creature!
Need inspiration? Watch Cat & Julie‘s Creature Design tutorial!

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Nikoletta Theodoropoulou
Myrina Mau
watercolor, colored pencil, gouache, black ink pen
11.5″ x 9.4″

Prize Winner


Creature Design Drawing, Nikoletta Theodoropoulou

“My tabby cat disappeared for a long time. I missed him a lot, and thought I should pay tribute to this loving animal with an illustration. A brief research on the ancient Egyptian sculptures got me into the mindset.

After a closer look at tabby cats and their characteristics, I learned about the distinctive ‘M’ shaped stripes on their forehead. Meanwhile, I sketched from life our calico cat and various plants. A few days later, I randomly scrolled down an image of the Greek Anthemium. Its design looked appropriate for a cat mask.

After some research, I learned that originally there were the Egyptian palmettes that influenced Greek classical and neoclassical art. The Anthemium is the most common design of the ceramic antefix, an architectural ornament placed on rooftop edges. I had all the puzzle pieces to start thumbnail sketches of composition and color scheme. (My cat is back!)”

Amy Bao
watercolor, pen & ink
9″ x 10″


“I had just finished a pencil study of an octopus when I saw the ‘Creature Creation’ challenge, and I thought it would be fun to combine a cat and an octopus. The contrast in textures between the fur and octopus skin / tentacles was interesting to tease out.

Sometimes, the hardest part of creating art is simply getting started and all you have in front of you is a blank sheet of paper, so I really appreciate these monthly art dares for providing inspiration.”

Creature Design Drawing, Amy Bao

Hyeji Kim
Berry picking frog
ballpoint pen, colored pencils, watercolor
9.5″ x 8.5″

South Korea


“Creating weird creatures has been my favorite thing ever since I was little. Before watching the creature design tutorial, I haven’t had considered much about the environment that surrounds my creature. This month’s Art Dare gave me a great chance to nourish my characters by adding the environment.”

Creature Design Drawing, Hyeji Kim

Night Lighter
colored pencils, watercolor
7″ x 10″



Creature Design Drawing, JuniJube

“To design my creature, I first found a lot of inspiration by sketching animals from my local zoo. I noticed a common factor throughout the animals that interested me the most; the primary purpose or agenda of an animal heavily influenced its appearance.

For example, an anteater is perfectly designed for invading anthills, ducks have webbed feet made for swimming, etc. With this in mind, I began a hunt for what my creature’s primary objective would be. I became fixated on the idea of basing my creature on a matchbox, with its frog-like toes being matchheads and phosphorus ridges on its belly to light them with.

The creature would proceed to ignite the wick on its tail, freeing it to run on all fours. I imagine it leaping from branch to branch, bringing light to the darkness of the night.”

Krystal Hsieh
9″ x 7″



Creature Design, Digital Painting, Krystal Hsieh

“I love creature design, and I had to try this Art Dare out. I actually have another set of creatures in mind in the back of my head, but I wanted to create something new.

It took a lot of trial and error, going through various ideas and shapes, before I finally landed on something that I was satisfied with. As mentioned before, I have other creatures in mind. They were a huge influence on my final design. One very prominent feature of theirs are their horns, which obviously made it into the creature design.

While sketching out the creature, I decided to use rounder shapes, since I liked drawing round things and wanted to experiment with it. Once I finished finalizing the new creature, I added a little girl on top, just because it seemed right.”

Sarah Walls
Grackle Guppy
watercolor, India ink, colored pencil on mixed media paper
7″ x 11″


“I’ve always found grackles adorable, with their wide eyes and round shapes. I thought I’d try my hand at a more aquatic interpretation of these feathery creatures!”

Creature Design Drawing, Sarah Walls

Carmen Kraus
Evolution of fishing
Faber-Castell Pitt brush pens
7″ x 7″


“The Art Dare prompt simmered in the back of my mind for weeks without much fruition until one day I saw an oddly shaped cloud that inspired this drawing.

I combined interesting aspects of both a grizzly bear and a chameleon, merging colors as well as fur/scales. Watch out, salmon!”

Creature Design Drawing, Carmen Kraus

Shari Moore
Creatures of scraps + thread
ink pen, watercolor
9″ x 5.5″



“I have always liked to draw creatures with character, most of my sketchbooks have little sketches of a character here and there.

This sketch started with the idea of what a stuffed creature would look like. These two creatures are always on the lookout for scraps of cloth or bits of thread.”

Creature Design Drawing, Shari Moore

Alexandria Castor
Goat dog
12″ x 16″


“For this piece I wanted to create a creature that’s anatomy though unusual would seem completely out of place, something like a hippogryph. It’s a mix of a goat as well as a dog.”

Creature Design, Digital Painting, Alexandria Castor

Stephanie Dioquino
The Tarqees
watercolor, colored pencils
7.5″ x 10.6″


Creature Design Drawing, Stephanie Dioquino

“I find that in order to imagine a new creature, its story must first be developed. Once the creature has its story, it becomes easier to imagine what it looks like and where it lives.

Inspired by Earth’s diverse birds and JK Rowling’s creatures, the Tarqeq bird (or simply, Tarqee) is a cross among different animals such as the ostrich, peacock, flamingo, phoenix, and occamy. The Tarqees live on the rocky mountains of Tarqeq, a small satellite orbiting Saturn.

Although not seen in the piece, the Tarqees live in huge flocks and protect the satellite’s precious crystals. The Tarqees’ plumage remains vibrant and visible in the barren landscape. Truth is, despite their caring nature towards their chicks, the Tarqees are ferocious and fearless. Their brightly-colored feathers serve as warning that only the reckless dare not heed for Tarqees have daggers as claws and chase their attackers like hungry predators.”

Patricia Grannum
The Mischievous Tiger Bat
acrylic, watercolor pencils, markers, digital 
5″ x 2″

Trinidad & Tobago


“This piece was inspired by my love of tigers, so I used that as a starting point for this creature design. I also enjoy Greek mythology which explains why he’s a cyclops.

In my mind, this tiger bat is a mythological creature with lots of knowledge which he gains from his many travels. But he chooses to wield his intel to satisfy his own ambitions. He’s cute but don’t let his looks fool you!”

Creature Design Drawing, Patricia Grannum

San C
Creature design
watercolor, color pencils , soft pastels
6″ x 8″

United Arab Emirates


The Creature design tutorial on Art Prof helped me a lot in getting started with my very first creature design attempt. I love the way a Manatee looks so cute and innocent in contrast to killer looks of a Raptor. It was fun creating a creature inspired by them. Thank you Art Prof for hosting such an awesome art dare.”

Creature Design, Watercolor Painting, San C

Sea Turtle Warrior
traditional, digital


“I’m heavily inspired by nature, mythology, and the fairy tales I enjoyed growing up. This is an interesting mix of the three, looking to beautiful sea turtles and the many tales of the mysterious creatures rumored to exist in the ocean!”

Creature Design, beansproutsummer

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