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2019 March Art Dare

“Layers of Color”

Use any media to create a drawing which has many layers of color!

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Acrylic Portrait Painting, Charles Besso

Charles Besso
Acrylic on canvas
20″ x 16″

Prize Winner

Charles’ website

“The subject of my painting was inspired by a photo I took of my friend Nina years ago who I no longer see as often. Because the Art Dare was ‘layers of color,’ I wanted to experiment with using colors to create a sort of fight within the subjects skin.

I considered what Prof Lieu said in her video where she makes a crayon self portrait and does each color layer at a time. Additionally, I thought about how I wanted to use more expressive and loose brush strokes to further complement the subject’s expression and offset her rather than place her in the center of the canvas because both of these elements are often areas where artists can improve as is seen in Art Prof videos.”

Portrait Painting in Oil, Anonymous

Oil on canvas
12” x 15.5”

Honorable Mention


“My art piece was inspired by my migraines and how they leave me in a empty mental state or a void (why the blank facial expression). But also how the migraines bombard me with thoughts and emotions, hence the colors.”

Oil Pastel Portrait Drawing, Jacob Jarvis

Jacob Jarvis
oil pastel on mdf
15″ x 21″


“I’ve been spending time on portraiture especially self-portraits since I’m the only person that will sit for free and the process has been integral to getting to know my true self. I wanted to stay true to the color layering challenge while trying to mix the colors I was seeing optically. This was a rewarding challenge and I learned so much.”

Brush Pen & Copic Marker Drawing, Julianna Lee

Julianna Lee
18″ x 24″
Copic markers & brush pens


“This piece was inspired by Henri Matisse’s still lifes, especially his use of bold colors and flat shapes. I wanted to create more of an abstract still life outside of my more realistic ones, and I also had never used Copic markers & brush pens so I wanted to explore that as well.”

I wanted to challenge the way I saw colors, so instead of just using green, I wanted to use hints of pinks, yellows, blues, etc.”


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