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2020 February Art Dare


What does your inner voice say to you?

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Write & sketch everything down:
Start talking to your inner voice: what conversations and issues come up?
Write a quick script between you and your inner voice
Give your inner voice a name

Take a Break, Clar Angkasa
Take a Break, Clar Angkasa
Take a Break, Clar Angkasa
Take a Break, Clar Angkasa
Take a Break, Clar Angkasa
Take a Break, Clar Angkasa
Take a Break, Clar Angkasa
Take a Break, Clar Angkasa


Fortune Cookie Mobile
paper and clay
24″ x 12″ x 12″


“After seeing how often the concept of the inner voice is associated with self doubt I wanted to add a piece of work which inspires you to show kindness toward yourself. The cookies shall signify the delightful and surprising occurrences of the future.

The transparent sphere in the center symbolizes a self that is calm and clear. The dynamics of this kinetic sculpture may remind you of maintaining your inner balance.”

February Art Dare, Anemone
February Art Dare, Anemone


Katie Morris
Art Teacher
Jackson Heights Schools, USA

7th grade student artworks
~9″ x 12″ each

“I thought the inner voice challenge was perfect for my 7th grade students. I wanted to give them a chance to see that art can express their ideas, it doesn’t just have to make a pretty picture. I was also able to tie in some social-emotional learning.

I asked each student to brainstorm things that were on their minds, and what their inner voice says, both positive and negative. Then they started thinking of ways to visually represent those ideas.”

Katie Morris, Art Teacher, Jackson Heights schools

Alexa Payne
The Colors Inside
water soluble pastels
18″ X 20″


“When seeing that the prompt was your inner voice I decided to represent the emotions that I sometimes felt back in high school before I recognized my artistic side. I recently decided to completely change my science related major to art because I decided that although science is fun, it’s not really what I would love to do as a career and it has been really liberating.

I have finally been able to let my inner creative voice come out. Seeing that I just figured out that art is what I want to pursue, I actually have never taken an art class before this fist semester at college. This is my first time using pastels and it was so much fun! I defiantly look forward to exploring and making more things! A

Also I love Art Prof, it has been so helpful in giving me art information that I haven’t otherwise been able to learn so thank you!”

February Art Dare, Alexa Payne

Angeliky Castrellon (KIKA)
I don’t have time to worry
pen & Photoshop
4.3″ x 4.3″


“I did this little comic for the February art dare thinking about things that always comes to my mind, I think we as artists are always trying to come up with ideas or new ways to show our style, sometimes so hard that our head hurts.

Right now I just dropped out of my college entering my third year in graphic design because I want to pursue a career in animation because I won the best animated short film award last year here in Panama, but it hasn’t been easy trying to do portfolios or finding a college that would consider me since I want to study in the US, it’s very difficult and I’m very scared but just as my comic says I can’t stop, I want to keep studying and learning new things and I’m not getting any younger so I should keep trying until I succeed.

Thank you for doing Art Prof all of you are showing little things each that combined has helped me a lot and I can see all of you really like teaching and are really nice people! Keep up the good work!”

February Art Dare, Angeliky Castrellon (KIKA)
February Art Dare, Angeliky Castrellon (KIKA)
February Art Dare, Anker Hermann

Anker Hermann
Captured in a Thought
oil on canvas
19.685″ x 19.685″


“I’m a 13-year-old artist. I discovered Art Prof a few months ago through YouTube and was immediately obsessed. So when I found out you were hosting art dares, I knew I wanted to take part, and at the same time, I really wanted to test out oil paints.

For the theme ‘Your Inner Voice’ I chose to take a bit of a different approach. My artwork ‘Captured in a Thought’ is about being isolated from everything, and just being left with nothing but your own inner voice.

I loved playing with the idea of showing emotion in a face, without showing the eyes, which are normally referred to as the gateway to the soul. So that is the story of my first oil painting :)”

Cate Christen Waung
Inner Voices
acrylic, collage, and Photoshop
10″ x 10″

Cate on Behance

“When considering the February theme, ‘Your Inner Voice,’ I decided that rather than one voice…there would be several. Positive and negative voices go through my head every day.

To illustrate this I created a 24″ x 36″ mixed media collage on canvas of a profile of a head. To further my theme and make this piece more interesting, I photographed the painting, then rearranged and edited it on Photoshop.”

February Art Dare, Cate Christen Waung
February Art Dare, Hannah Kelly

Hannah Kelly
It’s Never Perfect


“After struggling with what to draw for the concept ‘your inner voice’ I decided to look at the idea of perfectionism or the finished project as this was what was preventing me from beginning my own work.

So I utilised this idea into my digital drawing , which is of my younger sister detailing the process behind creating a drawing and the idea that no piece is ever perfect or fully finished.”

C-Cose (Gryph) Daley
Graveyard of Dreams, watercolour brushpen, ink fineliner, 16″ x 8″
Box that SH!T UP!,
watercolour marker, pencil crayon, eye shadow, 12″ X 16″
Whistling Past the Graveyard,
 gansai watercolour, 16″ x 8″


“I live in a multiple system (DID) and have had to adjust how I respond to my inner dialogue. As it is rarely quiet in my head, I’ve learned to listen for the quiet moments as they tend to indicate that something _important_ is on the horizon.

This series of pieces looks backward from a distant future to the present to some 25 yrs ago: 1 My dreams (will) have become vague monuments; 2 My emotions must be continuously boxed & sorted; 3 I lived in such fear that I was constantly ‘whistling past the graveyard.’ My art is my journal is my memory is my life.”

February Art Dare, C-Cose (Gryph) Daley
February Art Dare, C-Cose (Gryph) Daley
February Art Dare, C-Cose (Gryph) Daley



“I remember in undergrad many of my peers would get tripped up over the wording a professor may use on a test because they’d start to add more information than what was really needed. I too was like that, but overtime I’ve learned it’s best to take things as they are and not to add other emotions or meanings to them; otherwise, miscommunication may occur.

However, this digital piece can be deemed ironic in a sense because although the meaning of the words are very clear, the colors are mixed and blurred together, representing misunderstandings that may occur either by not understanding someone or creating a double meaning accidentally.”

February Art Dare, ChillMatrix
February Art Dare, Bhumikorn Kongtaveelert

Bhumikorn Kongtaveelert
The Curious Incidents of Boys on Saturdays
oil, spray paint, acrylic
24″ x 30″


“Growing up, the status quo of what it means to be ‘masculine’ was a box I can never quite fit in. This misguided concept that is extrapolated by the ‘hyper-masculine’ environment like military service training.

During such training, I often found my inner voice to speak against these masculine traits e.g. the correlation between manhood and brute strength along with mindless obedience, this painting was a way for me to poke fun at the end of the training — using vibrant colours that screams non-conformity to give a visual space for my frustrated little inner voice!

Thank you for inspiring me to create it as well, it got me into art scholarship at my high school.”

Danielle Grieveson
Cultures, acrylic, 11″ x 14″
I’m Stressed, acrylic, 11″ x 14″


“Taking the theme of ‘my inner voice,’ I am torn between of picking my Asian culture in battle with the western/European culture that I live in.”

February Art Dare, Danielle Grieveson
February Art Dare, Danielle Grieveson


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