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2020 October Art Dare


Every 3 days, Prof Lieu will choose 3 words.  We will have an Instagram Story video on every 3 days where Prof Lieu will close her eyes and point to a word on any book, magazine or item with text on it. Create an artwork in response the word of the day in any art media.

We will post the words below throughout the month, and also as a Instagram Highlight on! In the Art Prof Discord Server, we have an #art-dares channel where you can post your WIP, get feedback and support each other.

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2020 October Art Dare

Sat., Oct 31


2020 October Art Dare

Thurs., Oct 29


Eggland’s Best Eggs

2020 October Art Dare

Tues., Sept. 27


Report card from the 1980’s

2020 October Art Dare

Sun., Oct 25


Prof Lieu’s live stream notes

2020 October Art Dare

Sat., Oct 24


Sign on Prof Lieu’s office door

2020 October Art Dare

Fri., Oct 23


Prof Lieu’s staff reminders for live streams

2020 October Art Dare

Thurs, Oct. 22


The New Yorker

2020 October Art Dare

Wed., Oct 21


El Guapo Laurel Bay Leaves

2020 October Art Dare

Tues., Oct 20


Utah Driver Handbook 2020

2020 October Art Dare

Mon., Oct 19


Torres Selecta Premium Potato Chips

2020 October Art Dare

Sun., Oct 18


Uinta Brewing Co.

2020 October Art Dare

Sat, Oct 17


Indian Home Cooking by Suvir Saran & Stephanie Lyness

2020 October Art Dare

Fri, Oct 16


Pioneer Soap Co.

2020 October Art Dare

Thurs, Oct 15


6th Grade Science Textbook

2020 October Art Dare

Tuesday, Oct 13


Solos for Young Violinists, Vol. 2
compiled & edited by Barbara Barber

2020 October Art Dare

Monday, Oct 12

(no specific language)

Venus in the Blind Spot
Junji Ito

2020 October Art Dare

Sunday, Oct 11


Safe Lite Fire Starter Squares

2020 October Art Dare

Saturday, Oct 10


Lullabies and Night Songs
Music by Alex Wilder, illustrated by Maurice Sendak

2020 October Art Dare

Friday, Oct 9


Pepto Bismol

2020 October Art Dare

Thursday, Oct 8


Cook’s Illustrated

2020 October Art Dare

Tuesday, Oct 6


The New Yorker

2020 October Art Dare

Sunday, Oct 4


1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus
by Charles C. Mann

2020 October Art Dare

Saturday, Oct 3


Betty Crocker’s Cookbook

2020 October Art Dare

Friday, Oct 2


Hiking Utah, by Dave Hall


Genevieve Barlas


I am a medic working in Scotland, I had 2 weeks off as I caught COVID from the hospital and I figured I might not have another opportunity to spend so much time drawing (and should really have spent the time studying for postgrad exams) so I really went for it and raced to get all the pictures done having started half way through! I was lucky in that my husband was forced to isolate with me and he was asymptomatic so had fun brainstorming with him.

Many of the images will require explanation as I tried to branch away from the most obvious response. I am not really an ink artist but really wanted to have a go at getting better with using line rather than relying on shading. I also wanted to practice cartoon work and figures (I subject I usually avoid) as I have been watching the streams recently and have learnt an awful lot from the Prof. I also really wanted to have a go at some character design and costume design.

I loved doing this challenge, it was great fun and a huge change after the pressures of work recently, Art Prof has truly reignited my desire to create and I cannot thank you guys enough. All but two images (which were ink wash with pen and ink) are done with fineliners.

Genevieve Barlas, Ink Drawing
Genevieve Barlas, Ink Drawing

14: Searching in the DUODENUM. Images of the duodenum are quite common in medical notes, endoscopies looking for duodenal ulceration done often. I often think of searching for the site of an ulcer similar to the way that deep sea divers that search pipes in the north sea for leaks.

Genevieve Barlas, Ink Drawing

15: And 200 years of progress? James Monroe was president of the USA 200 years past, his presidency included the “era of good feelings” when he aimed to bring unity between political parties. While by no means perfect his desire for less divisive politics is clearly more noble than the desires of todays president. In the image politicians fight each outside the oval office, while the current president is satisfied with the chaos he has caused.

Genevieve Barlas, Ink Drawing

5: Alpha centauri is the right hoof of CENTAURUS. In the right hoof of the centaur is the alpha centauri, the closest planets to earth. There are three stars, alpha centauri A and B are seen as one star to the naked eye and are circled by two and three planets respectively. Alpha centauri C or proxima centauri is a red dwarf and has two planets (only recently discovered), one of which lies in the habital zone.

12: NGH! he shouted ”Ngh” sounds to be like a scream of displeasure, as one might make as jumped on by an over friendly dog very early in the morning.

13: No one more TRANQUILLO than she. No one is more tranquil than the wise woman with an umbrella on a rainy day.

16: BUSINESS at canary wharf. Canary wharf in London is the hub of wealth in the city, HSBC, JP Morgan and the Economist all have headquarters here in a blatant show of wealth and power the towers grow out of the city skyline.

17: Dancing in KARNATAKA. Karnataka is home to a huge number of different districts including Kodagu (formerly known as Coorg) where women wear their saris in a distinct fashion with the pleats at the back and the one end pinned at the right shoulder. Folk dancing remains very popular and is a wonderful show of grace.

Genevieve Barlas, Ink Drawing

6: NIGHT means night shift. Many of my shifts are nights, and I often eat breakfast after the sun has set, I both love and hate night shifts. They are exhausting and I dread going in, but I have been fortunate to work with amazing people, learnt heaps and there is something wonderful about the quiet of a hospital at night, it is a privilege to see this world.

Genevieve Barlas, Ink Drawing

10: Many many WHY questions. Almost every interesting question starts with “why?” I used to be obsessed with the sciences and reading about the search to ask these questions. The chain of answers almost always lead back to physics and chemistry. This unity of knowledge which ties the world together in a web of information is beautiful, and is why I now work as a researcher.

Genevieve Barlas, Ink Drawing

20: The SLIPPERY game. Curling is a odd sport which is reasonably popular in scotland, where the aim of the aim is to slide stones into a circular target on the ice, the key skill in the sport comes those who polish the path of the stone to make it more slippery and guide the stone into the target area.

2: The garden eels meet the regular FISH. Garden Eels are a form of conger eel, that burrow the sea floor and poke their heads out into the water, they gather in groups and some of their colonies cover over an acre.

3: The ROLL goes rolling. Medical tape has many uses, however, it is one of those things that I put in my scrubs and forget to take out, I now have a small collection of rolls at home which have a habit of rolling off the table and across the floor.

4: Apoptosis is DEATH. Apoptosis is a beautiful process of controlled cell death- 50billion cells in our bodies die every day due to apoptosis. Without apoptosis our bodies would not survive nearly as long, cancer is a failure of apoptosis.

8: ENOKITAKE sees a bug. These mushrooms appear so magical and delicate. They seem to suggest a forest creature that lives in some mysterious realm among the bugs and hide in the undergrowth on the forest floor.

9:  METHYLCELLULOSE is make-up for monsters. Methylcellulose has been used throughout movie history to make the slime and goo that coats movie monsters, including the queen in Alien.

11: The world is FUERA my girl.

Genevieve Barlas, Ink Drawing

7: CRISPY means a good breakfast. Crisp and dry is a brand of oil that we always seem to have in the house. Having a cooked breakfast with fried eggs and bread and mushrooms is absolutely the biggest treat.

Genevieve Barlas, Ink Drawing

24: DON’T look down. For those that hate heights even a rope bridge may cause problems.

Genevieve Barlas, Ink Drawing

27: Torry BATTERY in aberdeen. Torry Battery is an old artillery battery in Aberdeen, it faces out to the North sea and looks over the harbour, it was manned by volunteers in WW2 to defend the city. Today it is a great place to visit and watch the ships moving out to the rigs. This is an ink pen and brush drawing.

18: The DUO meet for a cuppa. Friendship is irrespective of age, and this duo may not be famous but they will share a cup of tea and a fine piece together until the end.

19: A very dutch AARDAPPELEN. A very dutch potato, with a sleepy windmill, clogs and tulips

21: CALIDAD was named the best pig in the county. There is a great deal of competition in the pig showing world, and the quality of the animals is debated hotly among proud farmers.

22: KILL with belladonna. Belladonna or deadly nightshade has poisonous berries (containing useful medical agents including atropine) and was used by the Romans to poison their enemies food supply and purportedly kill Emperor Augustus.

25: She loved a banana SPLIT. A young girl eating a banana split.

Genevieve Barlas, Ink Drawing

26: ROSEMARY for the dew of the sea. Rosemary originally from the Mediterranean region, it is named for ”the dew of the sea”. This is a young bride by the sea, holding a sprig of rosemary which was often given from the bride to the groom at weddings to bring good fortune, love and good memory to the couple.

Genevieve Barlas, Ink Drawing

28: The hares did KICK. The Brown Hares boxing is a common site in the fields in Suffolk, my old home. The animals will box and kick with their powerful back legs. This is an ink pen and brush drawing.

23: He tried to write his MONOLOGUES. This one is simple, Shakespeare writing one of his favourite monologue.

29: OMEGA was the pendant of death. My favourite author Terry Pratchett, created wonderful character of Death whose symbol is a black omega, in this picture hanging around his neck. Death in Discworld is a great fan of cats and is not evil, he simply is very good at his job.

30: They sold KRAUTERBONBONS. These little cough sweets remind me of the sweet shop down the road from me, which has several jars containing “medicinal sweets of various descriptions.

31: The GOATSUCKER walked as a woman. The Nightjar is a stunning bird, sometimes brown birds are more beautiful than the colourful ones. The bird reminds me of shapeshifters, in the way that it can camouflage in the forests, this is a character based on this wonderful bird.

Lisa H., Stop Motion Animation


Lisa H
animation video with paper cut outs, clay, and household objects


“I researched the word then brainstorm in a notebook or with my husband. I kept the vids short and simple, no audio. Each video, I discovered or re-discovered something. Practice does help you learn, and it was really fun.”

Click on the images to watch the animations!

Lisa H., Stop Motion Animation
Lisa H., Stop Motion Animation
Lisa H., Stop Motion Animation

Rafael Sangga


“I was interested in this art dare because I tried Inktober last year but didn’t have the time to finished it and since this dare is identical, I was thinking to give it another chance. I started with 2B, 4B, and 7B pencil on a F4 (later, I changed to A4) paper with the vision of making it looked like a photograph, after a few drawings I started to have some doubts in my drawing process, it’s too much expectation for a day drawing.

I stopped for a while and decided a change of plan by starting over with a much simpler drawing that has more of a ‘graphic design’ feeling in it and avoiding complicated things such as anatomy. With the time limit it sure did limit the amount of stuff that I can draw, but those limitation pushed me out to be a bit more creative.”

Rafael Sangga, Pencil Drawing
Rafael Sangga, Pencil Drawing
Rafael Sangga, Pencil Drawing

Erica Yong
watercolor and pen


“One thing that I have been reflecting on this year is growth. The feeling of time being meaningless made me think deeply about how I have journeyed through the months. Which brings me to this month’s art dare which really emphasizes on the art of thinking. The concepts that come to mind with each word made more sense to be in comic form.

Examples include how I think of scales with the ‘fish”’ prompt or how ‘enokitake’ reminds me of hotpot. With the limitations in format, idea and colour palette, it forced me to be more creative in my imagery, making them support, or even enhance my writing. I will always start with the writing/brainstorming first, then decide on the imagery I want to incorporate in my sketches. A lot of the things were referenced from either my own pictures or looking at myself in certain poses.”

Erica Yong, Watercolor & Pen Comic
Erica Yong, Watercolor & Pen Comic
Erica Yong, Watercolor & Pen Comic

Noor-ul-Nihar Malik
drawing ink, watercolor, brush pen, digital


“Motivation: Having access to Art Prof Discord motivated me to work for the art dares and other channels in Discord. Getting feedback from the fellows there is very encouraging. Creative Process: I made a rule for art dare topics that were announced after every three days:

1. if the word is a noun (like battery) then I would make a pattern for printing or sticker sheets
2. if verb (like kill) or adjective (like crispy, slippery) then use it in a comic style illustration or newspaper advertisement like I did for the word “Methyl-cellulose” and just whatever came to my mind spontaneously!


Noor-ul-Nihar Malik, Painting
Noor-ul-Nihar Malik, Pen Drawing
Noor-ul-Nihar Malik

Jason Dai
marker, watercolor


“I first did a mind map around the word ‘fish.’ Based on the concepts of the mind map, I did four thumbnails studies. Finally I decided to go with the concept ‘fish as an eccentric person,’coming from the expression ‘odd fish.’My fish/person is wearing a blue suit, fierce, dancing disco with wavy seaweeds, a true ODD FISH.”

Jason Dai, Thumbnail Sketches
Jason Dai, Marker & Watercolor Drawing

Paula V. Fernandez


“I am what I would call a ‘hobby artist.’I started dabbling in watercolor painting and drawing a couple of years ago. This was my first time attempting an Art Dare or any type of daily art challenge. I chose to embark on this particular Art Dare to inspire myself to a) develop the habit of doing some kind of art daily, b) practice my pencil drawing skills, and c) work from real life objects whenever possible.

Out of all the drawings that I did, I don’t know that I have a favorite because for me this Art Dare was more about the entire process of experimenting and testing my drawing skills through the word prompts. All in all, this Art Dare was hard, but it was fun. I think the best thing that I got out of doing this challenge is that not only do I have a better sense of what areas I need to work on, but I am also now less apprehensive when starting a drawing. (This is not to say that I don’t still find it scary, just less so now!)”

Paula V. Fernandez, Pencil Drawing
Paula V. Fernandez, Pencil Drawing
Paula V. Fernandez, Pencil Drawing

Carol Avila
pencil, colored pencil


“I wanted to think outside the box with the words that were chosen this month. I also really wanted to work with colored pencil because it’s a medium that I have been scared of my whole life, but I found using it regularly in October has been really enjoyable.”

Carol Avila, Colored Pencil Drawing
Carol Avila, Colored Pencil Drawing
Carol Avila, Colored Pencil Drawing

Donyale Fowler
graphite, colored pencil


“I have no formal art training and upon watching the Art Prof video for the October Art Dare Challenge, I immediately wanted to participate in this fun community based challenge. I decided to accept the Art Leap and work on my drawing skills by choosing a very unfamiliar medium for me – pencil drawing, as the majority of my work has been watercolor pieces.

The ‘bonus’ leap for me was the suggestion to think ‘out of the box’ and thus I choose my personal theme of birds for the challenge. A few examples of my thought process: ‘Death’ – deadliest bird – ostrich, ‘Crispy’ – Peking Duck – Pekin Duck, ‘why?’- the letter y, then yellow – yellow billed stork, ‘Duo’ – the logo for Duolingo – Green Owl, ‘Tranquillo’ – name of Pokémon – wild pigeon. At the end of this challenge I found that I love drawing, love coloring with colored pencils, and  enjoy creating art that features birds.”

Donyale Fowler, Graphite & Colored Pencil Drawing
Donyale Fowler, Graphite & Colored Pencil Drawing
Donyale Fowler, Graphite & Colored Pencil Drawing

Eline v.d. Steen
black fineliner, white pen.

“I always see challenges as a good way to improve my technique. For this art dare I decided to keep it as simple as possible, by only using a fineliner and two colours, black and white. The real challenge for me was to create cohesion between the randomly selected words. I used metamorphoses as a way to show the connection between the objects.

It surprised me how easy it was to find similarities in these words and how it led me to creating almost paradoxical scenes. This way of going with the flow and not thinking too much about how to make it look realistic, gave me a lot of confidence and helped me to loosen up my drawing style.”

Eline v.d. Steen, Black fineliner and white pen drawing

Jasmin Weigelt
watercolor, fineliner, gouache


“I wanted to use this art dare as a way to get back into watercolors (something I hadn’t done in a while) and as practice for a potential upcoming project with an old friend. He wants to write a children’s book for his kids and asked me if I would be interested to do the illustration. I figured ‘why not.’

Jasmin Weigelt, Illustration
Jasmin Weigelt, Illustration
Jasmin Weigelt, Illustration


We award prizes and honorable mentions. To be eligible for a prize, your artwork must be an original artwork created specifically for this Art Dare, and follow all guidelines.

Honorable Mention
Artists in the US can choose either Prof Lieu’s book, or Cat Huang’s middle school comic, “The Comic Journal of Cathy Rox.” International artists will receive 3 months free in our Discord Voice channel.

Learn, Create, and Teach, Clara Lieu, RISD Adjunct Professor
The Comic Journal of Cathy Rox
The Comic Journal of Cathy Rox

Art Dare winner
Choose from a portfolio critique, an artist website critique, or an artist Instagram critique, or 5 months free in our Discord Voice channel. Artists in the US can also choose to receive both Prof Lieu’s book + Cat Huang’s middle school comic, “The Comic Journal of Cathy Rox.”

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