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Charcoal Self-Portrait Drawing, Nikoletta Theodoropoulou

Nikoletta T.
Kind of Blue

Charcoal on Newsprint
12″ x 9″


Thumbnail Sketches, Nikoletta T
Charcoal Self-Portrait, Nikoletta T

“This course was an opportunity to try for the first time to use crosshatching to give form, light and shadow to a head shape. So far, I avoided crosshatching, because ‘it didn’t look good’ and I ended up smudging with a cotton but, a few highlights with the putty eraser and here’s my trick to hide my drawing and shading imperfections.

During this course, I learned that layering my marks is crucial – too many layers of pencil and eraser stick are not enough! – and so I focused to all of the parameters that define a good drawing, since every mark was intentional and well-thought of. I can’t say I have achieved likeness and I think my drawing has areas where the shapes could have been better executed.

I submit this drawing, because I had that feeling of sculpting the paper, as I was gradually loosening up and achieved rhythmic marks; this was a new experience and I enjoyed it so much! I strongly believe, this course helped me get rid of old, boring habits during my drawing process.”

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