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Art Prof Draw Along, Pencil Drawing

Grab a pencil & sketchbook & draw along with Prof Clara Lieu on Instagram Live Video!

Post your drawing with #artprofdrawalong & we might feature you here!

Graphite Drawing, Afra



“I’m an art educator and freelance illustrator. I believe the Draw Along videos are very useful and interesting because you can see someone working live, giving you some tips on how she/he works, and at the same time, they are sharing that ‘creative time’ with you and many other people from the rest of the world.”

Gesture Drawing, Graphite, Prof Clara Lieu

Prof Clara Lieu


“I enjoyed thinking about how to position the two boots in relation to each other. When you have the objects you’re drawing right in front of you, it’s so much fun to play with the arrangement of the objects and think about how that arrangement can affect the personalities of the objects you’re drawing. “

Graphite Drawing, Prof Clara Lieu

Prof Clara Lieu


“When I’m sketching I have to put myself in a frame of mind that is very confident, and completely emphatic about what I want to accomplish.  Nothing excites me more than a mark in a drawing that KNOWS it should be there!

In this sketch above I tried to layer single marks of the graphite over each other to articulate the variations of the cloth in the booth.  I’m always looking to make my drawings more efficient, saying more with less!”

Graphite Drawing, Lauren DeWitt

Lauren DeWitt

graphite, mechanical pencil

“I am an artist from Connecticut going into my senior year of high school. I always enjoy creating bold pieces of art and exploring new mediums and ways to create.

The Draw Along was very engaging, and I would absolutely do it again! Prof Lieu not only makes the Draw Along a lesson, but makes it an enjoyable and fun experience for all viewers.”

Ink Pen Drawing, @maryolaz


ink pen

“I was once told by my first art teacher that whatever I do with my life I will end up back in the arts. This has haunted me ever since.

I have been drawing for the biggest part of my life, then came a long hiatus, and I recently started drawing and painting again. Participating in the Draw Along gave me such good insights into art and also gave me the necessary inspiration and push to keep going.”

Graphite Drawing, Prof Clara Lieu

Prof Clara Lieu


“I actually don’t like these snow boots of mine very much. For me, having these boots is purely about function.  I could really care less about how they look, as long as they keep me warm and dry in the winter!

That’s why I was surprised to find these boots to be really engaging to draw.  I found myself drawn to the range of varying levels of tension in the laces, but also how wild and feral the fur at the top of the boots ended being.”

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