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The Complete Art School Portfolios Guide: Art Portfolio Critiques

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Art School Portfolio Critiques at Art Prof

Below are many art school portfolio critiques, by reviewed our staff artists here at Art Prof.  Not only will you get a chance to see other art students’ portfolios, but you’ll get to hear our professional response to the pieces.

For many high school students, it can be challenging to hear constructive criticism about their art school portfolio pieces simply because all of us are so deeply immersed in our own creative process.  That’s one of the reasons why hearing someone else’s art school portfolio critique can be an excellent learning experience: you can often times listen to the suggestions at the critique from a more objective point of view and there absorb the feedback more easily.

As professional artists, our staff will state what the strengths of the portfolio are, and speak extensively about concrete improvements that can be made to the portfolio. Naturally, every artist here at Art Prof has a different voice and opinion, so it can be really informative to listend to all of the varying opinions in these portfolio critiques.

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Art School Portfolio, Emily Jiang

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