BFA Art School Portfolios TRACK: Lesson 10


Invent an imagined exterior space that shows physical depth and tells a story. What is the story of that space? Create a specific color palette, composition, and point of view to tell that story.

pick a type of environment

Desert, jungle, underwater, sky, mountains, suburban, industrial, snow, rocks, canyons


Any 2D art media


Do brainstorming exercises to work out your ideas. Draw at least 6 thumbnail sketches to plan out the composition. Once you have chosen a composition, develop that thumbnail further to determine the color scheme.

Artists for inspiration

Yellow Submarine, Fantastic Planet, Alexis Rockman, Victoria Vincent

more on space

Drawing an Imagined Environment

This video shows how to draw environment from imagination using ballpoint pen and watercolor techniques. Diverse experiences gathering reference images and objects serve as the inspiration for creating this imaginary environment: a plein air drawing session on site using soft pastels, a trip to the grocery store to buy unusual looking produce like, and finding tiny plants to be references for trees and landscapes. Demo led by Guest Teaching Artist Julie Benbassat and Teaching Artist Cat Huang.

Fantasy Landscapes in Procreate

See how you can create an fantasy landscape in Procreate, using a broad range of reference photos. You can dramatically manipulate and transform your reference photos to blend together into an unusual landscape. Simple strategies like atmospheric perspective, texture, foreground, middle ground, and background to create a convincing landscape. Demo by Teaching Artists Cat Huang and Deepti Menon.

Share Your Progress

Post your ongoing progress in the #artprof-tracks channel in our Discord, you’ll get support and feedback from our staff and the community!


  1. Submit your images + info via this upload form.
  2. You’ll receive a hard copy certificate from us via snail mail! (this includes international people)
  3. We will post your name + 1 link on the Drawing Basics page.
  4. You’ll be featured in an Art Prof Share segment in one of our live streams on YouTube.

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