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Drawing on black mat board

-Much sturdier than working on paper

-Highlights are added

-black drawing media becomes an “eraser.”

-Smooth surface.

-Can be layered on top of endlessly.

-Color is already “filled in” to begin with.

-Great drawing surface for color drawing media, like crayons.

Art Supplies: Black Mat Board for Drawing

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3 responses on "Black Mat Board"

  1. Profile photo of Casey Roonan

    I find that occasionally working white-on-black is just an excellent way to mix up my drawing process and break out of my bad habits; it’s such a different way to approach a piece and it’s good to try and look at things from another angle sometimes.

  2. Profile photo of Maya Sternberg

    Love the video! I was wondering though: are there any brands of mat board that are better than others? Would you value quality over price or vice versa when buying mat board?

    • Profile photo of Clara Lieu

      I honestly think with mat board that it really doesn’t matter what brand you buy. There are certain supplies where the brand you choose can make or break your experience, but mat board is not one of them! I seriously have never encountered a piece of mat board I have ever had a problem with! So yeah, I think you can’t go wrong here.

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