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Caran d'Ache Crayons, Neocolor I

-Effective, simple way to learn color without the high expense of painting supplies.

-Neocolor I is water resistent, Neocolor II is affected by water.

-Vivid, brilliant colors.

-Can be layered endlessly, using spray fixative in between layers.

-Does not smudge at all, is a very permanent drawing media.

-Works best on a dark, sturdy drawing surface, such as untempered masonite or black mat board.

Caran d'Ache Neocolor I Crayons

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7 responses on "Crayons"

  1. Profile photo of Lauryn Welch

    The thing that’s really wonderful about using crayons is that they have the ease of colored pencils in terms of cleanliness, portability, and optical mixing techniques, but they are much beefier, creating some of the same luxurious effects as oil paints. If you’re experimenting with color for the first time, this is a great, affordable way to start!

  2. Profile photo of Lisa Holt

    Have you tried the Caran d’Ache Neoart Aquarelle crayons? It looks like they are wax-based compared to the Neocolor crayons. I think the Neoart are more expensive, but if I can afford it, was trying to decide whether to get the Neocolor II or Neoart crayons.

    • Profile photo of Clara Lieu

      Hmmm are the Neoart Aquarelle Crayons different than Neocolor II crayons, or are they the same thing? I’ve never heard of the Neoart ones before. (Neocolor II is water soluable). Personally, I really prefer the Neocolor I crayons over Neocolor II. Neocolor II is softer, and I find that if it’s warm where I’m working, or if my hands are warm, sometimes the crayons can get smeary in my hands which I don’t like. I like Neocolor I for this particular drawing technique because they’re totally resistant to moisture, and never get smeary no matter how warm it is.

  3. Profile photo of Casey Roonan

    Wow, this really makes me want to run out and buy some Caran d’Ache crayons… Recently I’ve been missing the tactile feeling of working in oil paints, but I foolishly gave away a lot of my painting supplies after art school! This seems like a really affordable solution

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