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Art Supplies: Artist's Tape

 Low tack paper tape.

 Leaves no residue when peeled, and doesn’t tear the paper it’s attached to.

 Has an opaque, white color.

 Really good for taping down the borders of your paper.

Historical Illustration
Modern Myth

Art Supplies: Citrasolv

 A household cleaner and degreaser.

 Use to transfer images from paper onto other surfaces.

 Creates transferred images that look faded and historical.

 Excellent for achieving cohesion between collaged images.

  Make sure to use citrasolv in a well venitilated area!

Art Supplies: Bone Folder

 Creates very crisp, clean folds.

 Excellent for book binding, handmade zines, etc.

 Lasts forever.

 Great for making an even surface when gluing surfaces.

Coptic Bookbinding
Lotus & Meandering Books

Art Supplies: Drafting Tape

  Is not very sticky, therefore it can be placed on your artwork, but lifts off without tearing your artwork.

  Great for sticking an artwork to your drawing board.

Mourning Jog

Art Supplies: Gluestick

  Excellent for collage projects.

  Not strong enough for thicker supplies like wood or 30 ply chipboard

  Comes in small and large sizes.

  Affordable and portable.

Visual Journaling
NYT Paper Trail Collages
Painted Paper Collage

Art Prof, Art Supply Encyclopedia: Hot Glue Gun

 Comes in large and small sizes.

 Glue guns are hot, be cautious as you can get burns!

 Terrific for gluing diverse media together.

 Not good for detailed work, hot glue gets messy easily.

 Make sure to buy glue sticks that fit your glue gun!

Chipboard Sculptures
3D Staircases

Art Supplies: Magazines

  Collect brochures and flyers from museums.

  Search for interesting textures, colors, and landscapes.

  Hunt for imagery that would be good backgrounds in addition to figurative subjects.

Visual Journaling
NYT Paper Trail Collages
Painted Paper Collage

Art Supplies: Blue Painter's Tape

 Adheres to surfaces well.

 Terrific for taping the edges of a painting to a board.

 Won’t stick to your paper when you peel it off, allowing you to get a perfectly smooth, even edge on your painting.

 Excellent all purpose tape which has tons of uses!

Art Supplies: X-Acto Knife

  Terrific for cutting shapes in the middle of a page.

  Capable of creating very small, precise cuts.

  Great for cutting out shapes that are irregular.

  Wear a kevlar glove for protection.

Visual Journaling
NYT Paper Trail Collages
Painted Paper Collage

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