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Art Supplies: Brush Pen

 Replicates the look of a brush with ink, but without the mess.

 Very portable, neat,  and convenient.

 Comes in many colors.

 Can be mixed with a blending brush for gradients.

Brush Pens in Taiwan
Drawing in Guangzhou, China
Birthday Party Comic

Art Supplies: Caran d'Ache Neocolor I Crayons

 Not water soluble.

 Rich, vibrant colors.

 Does not erase.

• Layers beautifully.

 Slightly harder than Neocolor II.

Tony Janello
Still Life Drawing

Art Supplies: Caran d'Ache Neocolor II Crayons

 Water soluble.

 Rich, vibrant colors.

 Looks like watercolor when painted with wet brushes.

• Layers beautifully.

 Softer than Neocolor I, if it’s humid can get really soft and smeary in your hands.

Tony Janello
Self-Portrait in Color
Still Life Drawing

Art Supplies: Charcoal Pencil

 Excellent for drawing details at the very end of your drawing process.

 Difficult to erase.

 Sharpen with a razor blade, the charcoal often times breaks if you try to use an electric pencil sharpener.

 Available in hard, medium, soft

Self-Portrait in Charcoal
Charcoal Animation

Art Prof, Art Supply Encyclopedia: Clamp Light

  Great for lighting a still life, a model, or your artwork.

  Portable and light weight.

  Easy to attach & position the direction of the light because of the clamp.

  Ranges from affordable to expensive.

Oil & Acrylic Painting
Self-Portrait in Charcoal
Self-Portrait from Life
Drawing with Crayons

Art Prof, Art Supply Encyclopedia: Conte Crayon

 Not as messy as charcoal, but not stiff like pencil.

 Can be smudged with your fingers, but isn’t as fragile and powdery as charcoal.

 Comes in black/white/oranges/browns.

 Can be erased, but only to a certain degree.

Art Supplies: Compressed Charcoal

Can be erased, but you’ll never get back to the white of the page.

Dark, velvety rich blacks.

Use after sketching our your image with vine charcoal.

Draw with the side for broader marks.

Self-Portrait in Charcoal
Charcoal Animation

Art Supplies: Crayola Crayons

 Affordable crayons.

 Come in packs with tons of different colors.

 Can be melted and applied many ways if you experiment!

 A permanent drawing material, cannot be smudged.

Self-Portrait from Life
Drawing with Crayons

Art Supplies: Eraser Stick

Terrific for erasing very small areas that the blunter erasers cannot get into.

  Refills are available.

  Requires pressure to fully erase.

  Don’t push out the eraser too far, it will become hard to use.

Self-Portrait in Charcoal
Charcoal Animation

Art Supplies: Kneaded Eraser

•  Best for subtle changes in tone.

  Self-cleans when stretched out.

  A relatively “weak” eraser compared to others, therefore doesn’t erase large areas effectively.

  Malleable and can be formed into any shape.

Self-Portrait in Charcoal
Charcoal Animation

Art Supplies: India Ink

• A beautiful, rich ink.

• Can be used with a brush, a bamboo pen, a nib pen and more.

• Is waterproof.

• Can be watered down to create a range of gradients.

Mourning Jog
Historical Illustration
Modern Myth

Art Supplies: Permanent Fixative

• Spray over drawings in a dry media for protection.

• Very toxic!!! NEVER spray indoors, unless you have a spray booth ventilation system.

• Slightly darkens your drawing.

Self-Portrait in Charcoal
Still Life Drawing

Art Supplies: Alvin Tech-Matic Lead Holder

The lead in a lead holder is thick, and therefore can be carved into a specific shape.

• Different hardnesses of lead can be placed in the lead holder.

• Terrific for casual sketching, has more versatility than a mechanical pencil.

Art Supplies: Non-Photo Blue Pencils

 Staedtler is the best brand, most other brands are very poor quality.

 Disappears when photographed or scanned.

 Excellent for artwork that is intended to be reproduced, such as animation, illustration, etc.

Mourning Jog
Birthday Party Comic

Art Prof, Art Supply Encyclopedia: oil bars

• Oil paint in a stick, but much thicker & tackier.

• When purchased, have a skin that has to be peeled off.

 Excellent for painterly effects that are not so runny.

 Any surface you use oil bar with has to have a primer on it.

Art Supplies: Oil Pastels

 Bright, vivid colors that are greasy & thick.

 Can be scraped w/ a knife or smeared w/ fingers.

 Cannot be erased entirely.

 Works well on paper or canvas.

Self-Portrait in Color
Drawing with Crayons

Art Supplies: Papermate Flair Felt-Tip Pen

 Inexpensive pen.

 Smudges a lot, is not archival.

 Line width is very versatile.

 Creates a nice flat, heavy shape of black.

Drawing from Imagination
Comics Jam

Art Supplies: Prismacolor Col-Erase Pencils

•  Has a crisp point & shades very well.

•  Good for an under drawing.

  Used by professionals in animation & comics industry.

Art Supplies: Pencil Extenders

• Extends the length of your pencil when it’s too short to hold.

• Great if you have large hands.

 Keeps you from having to throw out half used pencils.

 A good investment for your pencils!

Art Supplies: Q-Tips

 Great at blending any dry drawing media such as chalk pastels charcoal, etc.

 Excellent for monotypes for creating marks on your plate.

 Cheaper than buying a blending stump.

 Easy to purchase.

Art Supplies: Rapidograph Pen

 Reusable, can be filled with any type of ink.

 Comes in a wide variety of line weights.

 Excellent for achieving a very clean, consistent line.

Historical Illustration
Modern Myth

Art Supplies: Ruling Pen

 Fills with a tiny bead of ink.

 Lets you create a thin line of ink along the side of a ruler.

 Great for drawing straight, neat lines for comics panels

Art Supplies: Tracing Paper

Transparent paper, can be used for tracing, sketching, drawing, animation, and more!

Tape down before using so you don’t lose your place.

 Available in pads and rolls, and is affordable.

 Rips easily because it’s so thin.


Art Supplies: Tombow Mono High Quality Drafting Pencil

 Doesn’t smear much, has a crisp & sharp line.

 Great for fine details as well as shading and a softer edge.

Anatomy Marathon

Art Supplies: Vine Charcoal

 Terrific tool for sketching.

 Very easy to erase.

 Easily damaged, and therefore is not good to use for the vast majority of your drawing.

 Will always be lighter than compressed charcoal.

Self-Portrait in Charcoal
Charcoal Animation

Art Supplies: White Plastic Eraser

• Strong, stiff eraser for clearing out big areas.

 Never needs to be cleaned, no matter how black it gets.

 Staedtler makes an excellent white plastic eraser.

Self-Portrait in Charcoal
Charcoal Animation

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