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Art Supplies, Charcoal Drawing: Eraser Stick

-Terrific for drawing details.

-Use an eraser stick with a thin tip, some eraser stick tips are too blunt.

-Refills are available.

-Excellent tool for cross-hatching, especially when combined with a charcoal pencil.

-Best used when a drawing is almost finished

-Use in conjunction with kneaded erasers and white plastic erasers.

Art Supplies: Eraser Stick

Video transcript

“An eraser stick, is a great tool for getting into small areas of your drawing that other erasers are too big for. Make sure you get an eraser stick that has a very thin tip. Some eraser sticks have too blunt of a tip and, they’re difficult to use.

Usually the eraser stick is best used towards the end of the drawing when you’re adding details. You don’t need to press very hard with the eraser stick. The charcoal actually lifts really easily and, at this point, at the end of a drawing, your (drawing) pace is going to slow down quite a bit and so, the tightness of the eraser stick is really good for that.

In this drawing you can see how the eraser stick allowed the student to refine and, carefully consider each detail. The student was able to accomplish beautiful fluid lines with the eraser stick that enhanced her drawing tremendously.

The eraser stick is also great for cross hatching. Cross hatching is a drawing technique where you take groups of lines and, you cross and layer them on top of each other.

This drawing was done entirely with cross hatching. The student first toned the paper grey  with vine charcoal and, then they used only an eraser stick and a charcoal pencil to create many layers of cross hatching. The more layers of lines you have in a cross-hatch drawing the more substantial your drawing will be.”

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7 responses on "Eraser Stick"

  1. Hello! I’m trying to order this from Dick Blick, but I don’t see it. Does it have a brand name, besides “eraser stick”? Thanks!

    • Hi! I used to buy the Papermate “Tuff Stuff” eraser stick, but I heard really recently that Papermate actually discontinued it! Huge bummer, because that eraser stick was so terrific. I would recommend that you search online for other eraser sticks, as long as you get one that has a thin tip, you will be fine!

      • I was trying to find this eraser stick as well, but was having no luck since it was discontinued. However, I found another brand, “Tombow Mono”, that seems to work well. It’s not as durable as Papermate’s eraser stick, but there are multiple sizes and shapes that can be used for a variety of techniques.

        • Actually, I just discovered that General’s is making an eraser stick that is pretty much identical to the old Papermate Tuff Stuff one!!!!! Yay!!!!! Haven’t tried the Tombow one, but it doesn’t look as strong as the General’s one.

  2. This one was, no joke, a total game-changer for me. I use it at nearly every stage of my process; from revising thumbnail sketches to refining line-work to cleaning up my finished drawing… A must-have!

  3. This eraser stick completely changed the game for me– before I learned how to use this tool it was extremely difficult to convey the certain textures and detail that this tool allows. Definitely a must-have for charcoal drawing!

  4. The level of control I discovered an eraser stick could give me vs. a normal eraser was revolutionary! If you’re looking to create some incredible detail, this is your tool!

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