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Spray Fixative for Drawing

-All spray fixative is extremely toxic, only spray outdoors!!

-Used to protect drawings in dry media that are fragile and easily smudged, such as charcoal, chalk pastel, and pencil.

-Workable Fixative can be sprayed on a drawing, and then worked on again.

-Once Permanent Fixative is sprayed on a drawing, the drawing cannot be worked on.

-Only protects the drawing to a certain degree, drawings can still be damaged.

-One light pass of spray fixative is sufficient, a little goes a long way.

Art Supplies: Spray Fixative

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3 responses on "Spray Fixative"

  1. I actually have to admit that I don’t like using spray fixative. I always feel like it makes my charcoal drawings just a hair darker, I’m sure most people wouldn’t notice the different, but I always feel like it’s a lot! It’s tough, you can’t win with dry, powdery media!

  2. I only started using spray fixative on my charcoal drawings during my freshman year of art school, and despite being rolled up into tubes for the past 5 years they’ve held together shockingly well! Far better than the drawings I did in high school that my parents have framed in their house

  3. Spray Fixative is so important… I forgot to spray my final charcoal drawing for a class and it was gone forever!

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