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Winsor & Newton Acrylic Matt Medium

Increases the flow of the acrylic paint. Does not cause the acrylic paint to break down the way water does.

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Art Supplies: Acrylic Paint

Thick, sturdy, water-based paint which can be watered down to create effects like watercolor. Dries quickly, don’t let it dry in your brushes!

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Art Supplies: Art Masking Fluid

Paint the masking fluid onto parts of your painting that you want to stay the white of the page. Once dry, paint with watercolor over the masking fluid. Peel off the masking fluid to reveal the white of the page.

Art Supplies: Canvas Pliers

Pulls and stretches the canvas. Prevents you from having to use your hands. If you try to stretch large scale canvases without canvas pliers, your hands will hurt! Not necessary for small scale canvases.

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Art Prof, Art Supply Encyclopedia: Clamp Light

Great for lighting a still life, a model, or your artwork. Portable and light weight. Easy to attach & position.

Art Supplies: Clear Gesso

Transparent primer for acrylic and oil painting. Especially effective on wood, where the wood grain pattern shows through.

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Art Supplies: Coffee grounds

Creates a gritty, textured surface to acrylic paint. Make sure the grounds are dry before adding to the acrylic. Can be added in different ratios to the acrylic paint to create a range of textures.

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Art Supplies: Freezer Paper

Wax-covered paper to be used as a palette. Tear-off for easy storage and very fast clean up.. You can control how large your palette is, make it small or very large!

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Art Supplies: Acrylic Gesso

For priming canvas, paper, and more! Acts as a barrier between the raw surface and paint, which is important for oil painting since oil paints will eat through raw canvas. Varies on consistency and texture depending on the brand. After drying, can be sanded for a smoother surface.

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Art Supplies: Glass painting palette

Extremely easy to clean with a window scraper. Can be used for either acrylic or oil paint. Make it yourself with foamboard, a sheet of grey paper, a sheet of glass, and duct tape. Very sturdy, stable surface to mix paint on.

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Art Supplies: Gouache Paint

Winsor & Newton Designer’s gouache is an excellent, high quality gouache. Consistency is in between watercolor and acrylic paint. Can be used transparently or opaquely.

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Oil painting primer

Sensitive surface for oil painting. Usually applied after a coat of rabbitskin glue has been applied to the raw canvas. Applied to the canvas with a palette knife due to it’s thick consistency.

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Art Supplies: Off Set Palette Knife

Better than mixing your paint with a brush.  Great for creating textures and depth. Offset blade makes for easy handling. The best shape is the one that works for you!

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Art Supplies: Rabbitskin Glue

Stretches the canvas very tight. Use the exact measurements on the package. Overnight, the rabbitskin glue will set like jello, never reheat. Clean your brush right away after applying rabbitskin glue, or it will harden the brush bristles.

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Winsor & Newton Slow Dri Medium

Slow down the drying process in acrylic paint. Dilutes the paint, makes it more transparent.

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Art Supplies: Small Plastic Containers

Terrific for storing small bits of art supplies & for storing acrylic paint mixtures because they have lids. Good for mixing ink wash gradients.

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Art Supplies: Plastic Syringe

A different way of dispensing paint on your surface. Make sure you clean thoroughly after use! Easily clogged up if you don’t clean up. Works best with acrylic paint.

Art Supplies: Silicoil Brush Cleaning Tank

Fill the tank with your solvent. (we recommend Gamsol)To clean your brushes, press your brushes against the metal coil. Since the metal coil is raised, your brush never has to touch the bottom. The crud will settle to the bottom.

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Art Supplies: Tube Wringer

Great for paint tubes that are almost empty. Lets you squeeze every last drop of painting out of the tube.

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Window Scraper

Excellent tool for cleaning a glass palette.  Equally effective with dry and wet paint. After use, must be cleaned thoroughly with a cotton rag so that the razor blade is removable later.

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