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Art Supplies: Acrylic Paint

 Thick, sturdy, water-based paint.

 Dries quickly, don’t let it dry in your brushes!

 Can be watered down to create effects like watercolor.

 Use a palette knife for mixing, acrylic is too thick to mix with a brush.

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Acrylic Painting

Winsor & Newton Slow Dri Medium

 Mix this medium into acrylic paint to slow down the drying process.

 Dilutes the paint and makes it more transparent.

 Colors will not appear as rich when mixed with this medium.

Acrylic Painting

Art Supplies: Art Masking Fluid

 Paint the masking fluid onto areas of your watercolor painting that you want to stay the white of the page.

 Once dry, paint with watercolor around the masking fluid.

 Last step is to peel off the masking fluid to reveal the white of the page.

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Art Supplies: Blue Painter's Tape

 Adheres to surfaces well.

 Terrific for taping the edges of a painting to a board, or for taping down your freezer paper when being used as a palette.

 Won’t stick to your paper when you peel it off, allowing you to get a perfectly smooth, even edge on your painting.

Acrylic Painting

Art Supplies: Acrylic Gesso

Great primer for priming canvas, paper, and more!

 Acts as a barrier between the raw surface and paint.

Varies on consistency and texture depending on the brand.

 After drying, can be sanded for a smoother surface.

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Oil Painting
Acrylic Painting

Art Prof, Art Supply Encyclopedia: Clamp Light

  Great for lighting a still life, a model, or your artwork.

  Portable and light weight.

  Easy to attach & position the direction of the light because of the clamp.

  Ranges from affordable to expensive.

Self-Portrait in Charcoal
Self-Portrait in Color
Drawing with Crayons
Acrylic Painting

Art Supplies: Golden Acrylic Paint

 High quality acrylic paint.

 Doesn’t have filler like other acrylic brands, has strong pigment.

 Thick, juicy, and substantial.

 Rich, luscious colors.

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Acrylic Painting


Art Supplies: Off Set Palette Knife

 Best tool for mixing paint.

 Terrific tool for applying paint to the canvas.

 Easily cleaned with a cotton rag.

 Offset blade makes for easy handling.

 The best shape is the one that works for you!

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Oil Painting
Acrylic Painting

Art Supplies: Small Plastic Containers

•  Terrific for storing small bits of art supplies.

  Great for storing acrylic paint mixtures because they have lids.

  Good for mixing ink wash gradients.

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Art Supplies: Plastic Syringe

• Terrific for a different way of dispensing paint on your surface.

 Make sure you clean thoroughly after use!

 Easily clogged up if you don’t clean up.

 Works best with acrylic paint.

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Acrylic Painting

Art Supplies: Silicoil Brush Cleaning Tank

Fill the tank with your solvent. (we recommend Gamsol)

  To clean your brushes, press your brushes against the metal coil.

  Since the metal coil is raised, your brush never has to touch the bottom.

  The crud will settle to the bottom, and the solvent will become clean.

Oil Painting
Acrylic Painting

Art Supplies: Ultramarine Blue

•  Highly rich and pigmented deep blue.

  Very dark when layered. (without white paint added)

  Most paints are synthetically created, genuine ultramarine (created from Lapis Lazuli gems) can be pricey.

  Terrific for mixing a deep rich purple with alizarin crimson that simulates black paint.

Oil Painting
Acrylic Painting

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