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Art Supplies: Sculpture Supplies
Art Supplies: Air Dry Terracotta Clay

 Very soft and malleable, has a similar texture to ceramic clay that has grog in it.

 Does not crack, even when this clay has been built around a wire armature.

 Sticks to itself, even after the clay has dried!

 Beautiful, rich red color that matches ceramic terracotta clay.

 Also available in a dark brown color.

Portrait Sculpture
begin @ 11:22 min.

Art Supplies: ArtEmboss Copper Sheets

 Very thin, lightweight copper sheets made specifically for copper tooling.

 Comes with a wooden stylus which can be used for copper tooling.

 Easily cut with a pair of scissors, sand the edges so you don’t cut yourself!

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Copper Cuffs
begin @ 06:45 min.

Art Supplies: 1/16" thick armature wire

 Light-weight but sturdy and strong.

 Excellent for wrapping around thicker wire and reed to attach pieces.

 Highly pliable.

 Made of aluminum and doesn’t rust.

 Great for figure sculpture and stop motion animation.

Portrait Sculpture
Figure Sculpture

Figure Sculpture
begin @ 3:23 min.

Art Supplies: Thin Chipboard

Flat brown sheets which come in 14 ply or 30 ply.

 30 ply is very thick and stiff, 14 ply is very thin and malleable.

Great for architectural models and sculptures.

Very affordable.

Thin chipboard can be cut with scissors, thick chipboard must be cut with a utility knife.

Chipboard Sculptures

Art Supplies: Balsa Wood

 Very soft wood which can be carved much more easily than regular wood.

 Direction of the grain has to be considered when carving.

 Extremely light weight.

 Easily sanded, but make sure you wear a dust mask!

Clay House Art: Cookie Clay

 Replicates the look of cookie dough.

 Very lightweight when dry.

 Extremely smooth.

 Has a matte surface.

 Sticks to any surface, even 3D ones!

Clay House Art: Cream Clay

 Comes in a pastry piping bag.

 Extremely lightweight when dry.

 Consistency is very close to frosting.

 We don’t recommend trying to work with Cream clay with your fingers.

 Sticks to any surface, even 3D ones!

Stop Motion Animation
begin @ 01:44 min.

Art Prof, Art Supply Encyclopedia: Hot Glue Gun

 Comes in large and small sizes.

 Glue guns are hot, be cautious as you can get burns!

 Terrific for gluing diverse media together.

 Not good for detailed work, hot glue gets messy easily.

 Make sure to buy glue sticks that fit your glue gun!

3D Staircases

Chipboard Sculptures
begin @ 10:01 min.

Art Supplies: Fettling Knife

 Blunt knife that creates clean cuts in clay.


 Pointed tips allows for reaching areas of the sculpture that your hand cannot access.

Clay House Art: Foam Clay

 Wonderful, quirky texture that will give your piece tons of personality!

 Available in a wide range of bright colors.

 Has a soft, pliable texture that is easy to model with.

 Very light weight.

 Sticks to any surface, even 3D ones!

Stop Motion Animation
begin @ 01:51 min.

Art Supplies: Metal Kemper Tool

Double sided tool which is excellent for carving details in clay.

 Curved end of the tool is able to create sharp, crisp marks in the clay that are easily smoothed out.


Art Supplies: Kevlar Glove

 Durable glove that protects your hand from cuts from a utility knife.

 Wear on your hand which is not holding the knife.

 Protects your hand, but only to a degree, you still need to exercise caution with knives!

Balsa Wood Sculptures
begin @ 03:44 min.

Art Supplies: Lazy Susan

Great for placing underneath a sculpture base so the sculpture can be turned around with ease while working.

Available in a range of sizes.

Oven Bake Clay

Comes in tons of colors.

Lightweight and pliable.

 Never eat off the clay, even after you bake it!

Won’t dry out when exposed to air.


 Great for making beads and small scale sculptures.

Stop Motion Animation

Art Supplies: Plastilene Clay

Oil based clay.

Never dries, so you can work on your sculpture as long as you want.

 Keep out of sunlight, can soften or melt!

Excellent for carving very tiny details

 Can be stiff and hard, carving into it with tools  is most effective .(as opposed to sculpting with your hands.)

Clay House Art: Resin Clay

Available in a wide range of bright colors.

 Has a a very smooth surface.

 Air dry clay that has a textured look.


 Different colors can be mixed together to create new custom color mixtures.

 Sticks to any surface, even 3D ones!

 Best for small scale sculptures, when the size becomes large the clay does deflate slightly.

Stop Motion Animation
begin @ 01:35 min.

Clay House Art: Stone Clay

Available in black, white, light grey, and dark grey.

 Different shades mix beautifully together.

 Has a slightly gritty surface, but can be modeled into smooth forms.

 Air dry clay that has a textured look.


 Sticks to any surface, even 3D ones!

Art Supplies: Styrofoam

 Very soft & extremely easy to cut or carve.

 Can be used as a material for carving a sculpture.

 Extremely messy, creates tons of dust when being cut.

 Easily sanded, but is not recommended for classes because it is so messy.

Excellent for filling in an armature to save on clay.

Portrait Sculpture
begin @ 10:26 min.

Clay House Art: Wood Clay

Available in Fine and Rough.

 Looks similar to cork.

 Air dry clay that has a texture that replicates wood.

 Extremely lightweight.

 Sticks to any surface, even 3D ones!

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