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Art Supplies: Armature Wire

 Comes in different thicknesses, from 1/6″ to 1/2″.

 Light-weight but sturdy and strong.

 Allows you to create sculptures that won’t fall apart.

 1/6″ thick is highly pliable.

 Made of aluminum and doesn’t rust.

 Great for figure sculpture and stop motion animation.

Portrait Sculpture
Figure Sculpture

Art Supplies: Thin Chipboard

Flat brown sheets which come in 14 ply or 30 ply.

 30 ply is very thick and stiff, 14 ply is very thin and malleable.

Great for architectural models and sculptures.

Very affordable.

Thin chipboard can be cut with scissors, thick chipboard must be cut with a utility knife.

Chipboard Sculptures

Art Prof, Art Supply Encyclopedia: Hot Glue Gun

 Comes in large and small sizes.

 Glue guns are hot, be cautious as you can get burns!

 Terrific for gluing diverse media together.

 Not good for detailed work, hot glue gets messy easily.

 Make sure to buy glue sticks that fit your glue gun!

Chipboard Sculptures
3D Staircases

Oven Bake Clay

Comes in tons of colors.

Lightweight and pliable.

 Never eat off the clay, even after you bake it!

Won’t dry out when exposed to air.


 Great for making beads and small scale sculptures.

Stop Motion Animation

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