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Art Supplies: Black Mat Board

 Strong and durable surface for drawing.
 Excellent for pastels, oil pastels, and crayons.

Self-Portrait in Crayon
Still Life in Crayon

Art Supplies: Strathmore Bristol Board

 Very smooth, clean surface.
 Thicker than most paper and won’t warp under ink.
 Terrific for illustration & comics.

Mourning Jog

Art Supplies: Charcoal Paper

 Has a slight tooth which “grips” the charcoal dust better.
 Has a texture which will show in your drawing.

Self-Portrait in Charcoal

Art Supplies: Copy Paper

 Cheap paper that is easy to buy in large quantities.
 Great for small, quick sketches.
 8.5″ x 14″ size is convenient for illustration, character design.

Comics Jam
Anatomy Drawing Marathon

Art Supplies: Newsprint

• Very inexpensive paper.
• Great choice for life drawing.
• Comes in both smooth and rough.
• Not an archival paper, will yellow over time.

Art Supplies: Rice Paper

• Huge range of rice papers available.
• Many Japanese rice papers available.
• Wonderful to relief printmaking.
• Absorbent to ink and sensitive to the block.

Linoleum Printmaking

Art Supplies: Hot Press / Cold Press Watercolor Paper

• Cold Press paper has a rough, textured surface.
  Hot press has a smooth & crisp surface.
  Neither is “better,” your choice depends on the type of results you want in your watercolor painting.

Historical Illustration
Modern Myth

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