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Art Supplies: Surfaces
Art Supplies: Black Mat Board

 Strong and durable surface for drawing.

 Excellent for color drawing media, such as soft pastels, oil pastels, and crayons.

 In color drawing media, eliminates the “white grain” in the media on a white sheet of paper.

 Creates the illusion of a drawing already being “filled in” from the beginning.

Self-Portrait in Crayon

Art Supplies: Strathmore Bristol Board

 Very smooth, clean surface.

 Excellent for pens, brush pens, markers, ink, pencil.

 Thicker and sturdier than most paper and won’t warp with ink.

 Terrific for illustration & comics.

Mourning Jog

Art Supplies: Charcoal Paper

 Has a slight tooth, allowing it to “grip” charcoal dust effectively.

 Creates a beautiful texture in your charcoal drawing.

 Best surface for charcoal drawing.

 Easy to erase into.

Self-Portrait in Charcoal

Art Supplies: Newsprint

• Very inexpensive paper.

• Great choice for life drawing.

• Comes in both smooth and rough.

• Not an archival paper, will eventually yellow over time.

Art Supplies: Rice Paper

• Huge range of rice papers are available of varying textures, thicknesses, colors, etc.

• Wonderful for relief printmaking and chincollé.

Highly absorbent to ink and sensitive to relief blocks in printmaking.

Linoleum Printmaking

Art Supplies: Strathmore Softcover Sketchbook

 Soft cover allows the sketchbook to bend easily, but is still sturdy enough to let you draw standing up.

 Fits well into a flatbed scanner.

 Also available in sketch paper, mixed media paper, and toned paper.

Drawing from Imagination

Strathmore logo
Art Supplies: Hot Press / Cold Press Watercolor Paper

• Cold Press paper has a rough, textured surface.

• Hot Press paper has a very smooth surface.

• One is not better than another, it just depends on what type of surface you prefer, depending on the media you are using.

• Hot Press paper works really well with gouache.

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